For over 25 years Shuichi Tanaka has married vintage inspiration and modern technology in the creation and handcrafting of flutes from his factory in Azumino, Japan. These tenants are exemplified by his current use of proprietary silver alloys and powdered silver manufacturing technologies. As a master flute maker Mr. Tanaka has merged his background and previous careers in the areas of performance, engineering and business to produce instruments recognized worldwide for their vintage color, pure tonal core, ease of manipulation, excellent tonal properties, response and projection. Based on work and recommendations of British flutist William Bennett, the uncompromised Altus/Bennett scale delivers excellent intonation, tuned harmonics and balanced registers while the hand sculpted headjoints, modern precision standards and unique tubings result in a remarkable sound.

Altus leads the way in providing an unprecedented array of tubing and material choices for the needs of discerning flutists. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern alloys and tubing construction, an incredible range of flutes can be tailored to the specific needs of any flutist. Altus provides the most unique variety of flute tubing and materials in the world today.


Seamed Tubing – Made from a flat piece of metal that is rolled, hand planished, and then seamed, the Altus seamed tube is truly the only handmade flute tube available in modern production.

Sintered Tubing – A process unique to Altus where powdered silver metal is compacted at a higher temperature to fuse particles together directly into a rigid tube.

Extruded Tubing – Metal is drawn over a mandrel through a precise die to form a tube. This construction is the modern standard in the flute industry.


14K Gold – This karat is the most widely preferred gold alloy with sufficient density allowing a standard thin gold tube. 14K gold’s tone color is dark and warm and its response is both flexible and pure.

Altus 946 Silver™ – The proprietary Altus Limited (AL) alloy combines silver with the world’s finest precious metals. It is a perfectly engineered blend consisting of 94.6% silver and 18 precious metals, including small amounts of platinum and gold. Inspired by the preferred metallurgy of the great French flute making tradition, Altus silver was designed specifically for seamed tube creation. Altus silver provides the correct silver blend for extensive hand forming and represents the high art in flute making available today. This results in a flute capable of producing a wide array of complex tonal colors.

Pure 997 Silver – The exclusive powdered Pure Silver (PS) tube is made possible only through highly innovative sinter technology. Normally, pure silver is too soft for successful flute tube production because it requires trace amounts of harder metals in the alloy to give it sufficient strength. The traditional method of creating a melted metal alloy results in pure silver tubes unsuitable for flute making. Sinter technology creates hard tubes of pure silver by compacting the silver under great pressure without melting it into a soft alloy. This unique process produces a dense and brilliant hard silver tube with supreme projecting qualities.

Britannia 958 Silver – A traditionally created silver alloy composed of 95.8% silver. The remaining common metals balance a dark, rich tonal color without sacrificing brilliance.

Sterling 925 Silver – Comprised of 92.5% silver, Sterling has long been the industry standard for making high quality flutes.

Atsui Finish

In Japanese, Atsui means hot or deep, powerful, and strong. By adding a layer of precious metal, many unique possibilities can be created to deliver unprecedented power infusing intensity into any score.

The Atsui finish can be added to any Altus Handmade flute as an option. The existing tube is clad with a thick layer of either 18K Gold or Platinum.


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Altus Alto Flute Series 19

General - Altus Alto Flute Series 19

The Altus Series 19 alto flutes feature an accurately tuned curved headjoint with comfortable keywork for easier hand position.

Altus Co., Ltd is renowned worldwide for its range of artist quality harmony flutes. With the...


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Altus Alto Flute Series 21

General - Altus Alto Flute Series 21

The Altus Series 21 alto flutes provide both straight & curved headjoints for multiple player choices. Always comfortable when practicing and acoustically sound when performing. The logical choice for schools and flute choirs.


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Altus Alto Flute Series 25

General - Altus Alto Flute Series 25

The Altus Series 25 is Altus' newest Alto design. Perfect for musicians who prefer the use of a straight headjoint. Featuring special ergonomically designed modified keys for a more comfortable hand and left hand arm position.


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Altus Bass Flute 823SE

General - Altus Bass Flute 823SE

The artist quality Altus Bass flute, like the Altus Alto, has earned a fine reputation for having a truly superb scale; praised for its even tone color and smooth timbre.

Altus Co., Ltd is renowned worldwide for its range of artist...

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Altus Flute Artist Series

General - Altus Flute Artist Series

Altus Artist flutes offer exceptional hand craftsmanship, tonal color, and playability. Each model features a handmade, silver-plated mechanism known for its durability and exceptional fluidity and feel, the Altus/Bennett scale, drawn...


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Altus Flute D'Amore

During the 18th century, the Flute D'Amore was commonly played and since 1960 has enjoyed a renaissance. The Altus flute d'amore is a sterling silver flute, part of the Altus Harmony Series.  The flute d'amore is seamed with sterling...


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Altus Flute Professional 1307

General - Altus Flute Professional 1307

The professional style 1307 remains ever popular with accomplished flutists and conservatory students. The resonant qualities achieved with this solid .958 Britannia silver flute results in a reliable response of sound with less...


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Altus Flute Professional 1507

General - Altus Flute Professional 1507

An elegantly crafted flute offering the demanding professional the additional overtone enhancement of soldered toneholes. The 1507 is an instrument for the accomplished or orchestral player who desires a richly warm sound that .958...


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Altus Flute Professional 1607

General - Altus Flute Professional 1607

One of the most artistically crafted flutes available. The uniquely designed 1607 provides the benefits of seamed .958 Britannia tubing throughout. Its character is reminiscent of the great flutes of the past yet with increased tone...


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Altus Flute Professional 1707PS

General - Altus Flute Professional 1707PS

The Altus 1707PS in .997 powdered Pure Silver is capable of creating a powerful tapestry of sound, allowing the player the opportunity to experience the epitome of a truly silver sound. Altus exclusive Pure Silver (PS) tube is made...


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Altus Flute Professional 1807AL

General - Altus Flute Professional 1807AL

This flute is the lasting result of 30 years of research and fascination with the famed Louis Lot flutes, as well as other vintage French flutes. At last the secret of these fine flutes has been defined with the production of Altus...


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Altus Flute Professional Gold Series

General - Altus Flute Professional Gold Series

Altus wishes to offer the discerning player and professional a superb quality precious metal flute to enhance their performance. Altus 14k Gold flutes offer a level of precision and craftsmanship that allows the player to push...

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Altus Headjoint

General - Altus Headjoint

Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, Altus handcrafted headjoints are offered with three different cuts and a variety of tubing material.

The Altus Classic Cut – Known for producing the classic Altus sound, the...


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