Garner headjoints are a collaboration between the duo of Bradley Garner and Michael Geoghegan. Dr. Bradley Garner has been playing the flute for more than 40 years and was taught by his father, Gary Garner and Julius Baker. Michael Geoghegan, as an engineer and machinist, has been designing and producing flutes since the 80s and consistently presses the limits of traditional flute industry design to improve the performance possibilities of the instrument.

The Garner headjoint is designed to improve the pitch throughout the 3-octave range of any flute without having to make major manual adjustments to your embouchure by rolling in or out or by directing or changing your airstream. They allow for easier changes in tone colors, tonguing, jumping of octaves and less splitting or cracking of notes. The use of unique, pure, refractory metals (Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten), Power Bands (patent pending) construction, weighted crowns and maintenance-free rubber stoppers along with the handmade manufacturing consistency of the carefully designed Garner taper and riser cut, produce a headjoint with outstanding flexibility and balance across the full spectrum of sound. You have to try one on your flute to appreciate first-hand the difference a Garner headjoint can make.


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Garner Headjoint
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Sterling Silver · Rose Gold · Niobium · Tantalum · Power Bands

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