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Altus Headjoint

General - Altus Headjoint

Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, Altus handcrafted headjoints are offered with three different cuts and a variety of tubing material.

The Altus Classic Cut – Known for producing the classic Altus sound, the...


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Brannen Brothers Headjoints

General - Brannen Brothers Headjoints

Brannen Brothers Headjoints are based on the research and designs of their late Vice President emeritus, Albert Cooper. Each model listed can be ordered in one of the headjoint styles described below.

Headjoint Cuts


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Burkart Headjoint

General - Burkart Headjoint

Lillian Burkart has an international reputation for headjoints that spans decades. Her devotion to her loyal clientele has converted many Burkart headjoint players into Burkart flute players.

By listening to the needs of flutists,...


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Burkart Headjoint Piccolo

General - Burkart Headjoint Piccolo

Each Lillian Burkart designed, African grenadilla wood, piccolo headjoint meets our requirements for acoustical warmth, hardness, density and, with proper management, stability. The world's finest grenadilla is selected for the Burkart...


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Emanuel Headjoint

General - Emanuel Headjoint

The Emanuel Flute, introduced in 1991, is known to top flutists as an instrument that both delights and challenges. With carefully studied, faithfully rendered design, and consistently precise construction, Emanuel’s flutes and headjoints...


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Geoghegan Headjoints

General - Geoghegan Headjoint

Geoghegan Headjoints, created by engineer Michael Geoghegan, employ some of the most innovative techniques and materials used in flute construction today.

With a variety of unusual metals, fastening materials, and...


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Goosman Headjoint

General - Goosman Headjoints

Since they were introduced at the National Flute Association convention in New Orleans in 1989, the Butterfly Headjoint has enjoyed remarkable success among the flute playing community.

The Butterfly Headjoint is noted for its big, clean...


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Hammig Headjoint Piccolo

General - Hammig Headjoint Piccolo

For well over 200 years, handmade wood piccolos from the Philipp Hammig workshop have been recognized as instruments of superior design, innovation, and craftsmanship. Acclaimed for their rich, deep tonal character, Hammig Piccolo headjoints...


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Lafin Flute Headjoint

General - Lafin Flute Headjoint

J. Rainer Lafin's Lafin Headjoints enjoy a top reputation worldwide, thanks to their maker's deep attention to detail and his experience with top musicians under Karajan, Nicolet, and others in the Berlin Philharmonic and...


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Mancke Flute Headjoint - 14k Gold

Mancke Flute Headjoint - 14k gold tubing and 14k gold crown with various lip plate and riser options.

14k lip plate and riser: Traditional gold sound; tends toward darker tone and a more complex interior sound.

18k lip plate and...


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Mancke Flute Headjoint - 18k Gold

Mancke Flute Headjoint - 18k gold tubing, lip plate, riser, crown, and cork plate.

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Mancke Flute Headjoint - 18k Gold/21.5k Lip, Riser, and Crown

Mancke Flute Headjoint - 18k gold tubing, 21.5k gold lip plate, riser, crown, and cork plate.

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Mancke Flute Headjoint - 9k Gold/14k Lip Plate and Crown/Platinum Riser

Mancke Flute Headjoint - 9k gold tubing with a 14k gold lip plate and a platinum riser. Finished with a 14k gold crown and cork plate.

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Mancke Flute Headjoint - 9k Gold/Grenadilla Lip and Riser/Silver Crown

Mancke Flute Headjoint - 9k gold tubing with a Grenadilla lip plate and riser. Finished with a sterling silver crown and cork plate.

Wooden lip plates tend to add some aspect of their wooden sound to the headjoint; this grenadilla lip plate is the traditional wood, typically with full...

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Mancke Flute Headjoint - Grenadilla Heavywall

Mancke Flute Headjoint - Grenadilla heavywall with a sterling silver tenon.

Almost entirely made of Grenadilla, a traditional wood choice typically with full sound and good projection. Thicker wall construction allows for more depth of sound.

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