Kingma Flutes specializes in making the 'lower' sounding flutes, producing a wide range that includes Alto-, Bass-, Contrabass and Sub-contrabass flutes. Kingma flutes are hand-made Kingma-team innovations have led to the development of a line of instruments with increased musical potential, begun with the development of the open-hole alto flute. Following the innovation of the 'Key-on-Key mechanism' and the patented 'Kingma System®', a series of open-hole and quarter-tone Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes were created.


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Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

Kingma & Brannen B foot open hole alto flute

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Matusi Buzzing Headjoint

The sterling silver Matusi headjoint, fitted with a vibrating membrane operated by a key, is an invention of Matthias Ziegler and worked out by Eva Kingma, an innovative flutemaker from The Netherlands. Created in Kingma's workshop by David Kerkhof, Matusi headjoints allow a quick switch...

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