Since the first Muramatsu flute was created in 1923 by the late Koichi Muramatsu, thousands of artists worldwide have chosen Muramatsu over all other brands. Leadership was later passed to his son, Osamu Muramatsu and today the factory carries on the same tradition of excellence in flute-making under the direction of his grandson, Akio Muramatsu. Every flute that bears the Muramatsu name is built with the care and precision that has earned Muramatsu its reputation as one of the world’s finest professional flutes. Today Muramatsu sells more professional model flutes worldwide than any other flute maker.

Muramatsu flutes have been available for sale in the United States since 1975. Ervin Monroe was involved in this process early on as the artistic consultant and in 1995 Osamu Muramatsu personally selected Mr. Monroe to be president of the new North American distributorship, Muramatsu America. Muramatsu America is the exclusive distributor for Muramatsu flutes in North and South America and Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company is proud to offer genuine Muramatsu America flutes to our customers.


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Muramatsu Alto Flute

General - Muramatsu Alto Flute

When it comes to alto flutes, very few compare with the Muramatsu alto flute. Considered a gem of the industry, the Muramatsu alto flute is great for orchestral solos and studio work and is recognized as "the ultimate alto flute". The...

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Muramatsu Flute 14k Gold

The Muramatsu 14k exemplifies the precision and mastery of workmanship Muramatsu has to offer. The 14k brings a deep, warm, sound digging into both the low and middle register while producing a spectrum of colors in the high register.  Heavy wall tubing is not...


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Muramatsu Flute 9k Gold

The 9k is one of the most revered and sought-after flutes in Muramatsu’s professional line. Due to its 9k tubing, the flutist can experience a tonality of warm, soothing colors that fill the hall.  Its sterling silver mechanism and tone holes mix well with the...


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Muramatsu Flute DS

The Muramatsu DS is a professional handmade flute constructed of sterling silver.  The properties of sterling silver will project a powerful low register, while maintaining a warm, colorful tone in both the middle and high registers.  With its smooth, professional key mechanism,...


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Muramatsu Flute EX

Muramatsu produces a fine line of handmade professional flutes, and the EX model introduces the level of artistry Muramatsu brings to the table.  The EX sets off the aspiring flutist with a natural, dark, rich tone with a flexible dynamic range. The handmade mechanism...


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Muramatsu Flute GX

The Muramatsu GX has a sterling silver body that provides a spectrum of colors for the flutist to grow into their professional sound.  While this flute can produce a powerful, dark rich tone, it can bring a delicate and light touch that rivals any professional flute....


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Muramatsu Flute Platinum Clad

The Muramatsu platinum clad flute is constructed with platinum over a sheet of sterling silver. This will give flutist the power and projection of sterling silver, while enjoying the properties platinum has to offer.  The platinum clad sets off a spectrum of colors...


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