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Mighty Bright XtraFlex LED Music Stand Light
An extremely flexible LED light for your music stand or low light situations backstage. Position in ANY direction imaginable! Self standing or clip to any surface.
  • Batteries included (3AAA's)
  • Xtra battery life - up to 40 hours
  • Xtra page coverage
  • ...
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Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Dual Head LED Light Clip

The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet LED features bright LEDs with extra smooth and even illumination due to a special lens. This music stand light is energy efficient, and powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). The LED bulb never needs replacing. The XtraFlex clips on to almost anything, from...

List price: $24.99 save 12%
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Mighty Bright Orchestra Light
The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light is a battery operated stand light that features nine LED lights that can illuminate up to 4 pages of music. The sliding power switch controls two brightness levels and an integrated shield prevents the light from distracting your audience. Pivoting on a flexible...
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Mighty Bright HammerHead LED Music Light
If you're looking to make a statement, look no further! Our powerful HammerHead LED Music Light's eye-catching design will make you - and your music - the star of the show. Its six powerful, bright white LEDs last 100,000 hours, and its flexible gooseneck illuminates every note. Take the portable...
List price: $24.99 save 20%
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Mighty Bright Encore LED Music Light
The LED Encore Light is a miniature version of our popular Orchestra Light. Featuring a similarly sleek body design, the Encore's light bar contains six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs, along with an integrated back fin to shield the brilliant light from the audience. The Encore's head has a...
List price: $44.99 save 11%
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Mighty Bright Duet 2 Deluxe Music Light
The all-new Duet 2 is the professional music stand light with double the brightness of its predecessor! The included AC adapter provides an added benefit for orchestras and bands using controlled lighting. The Duet 2 lights more than two pages of sheet music!
List price: $39.99 save 10%
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Manhasset Voyager Stand Totebag
An excellent compliment to the portability of the Voyager Music Stand, this durable nylon tote bag is designed to efficiently transport your Voyager Stand. It features a comfortable shoulder strap and provides ample room for books or sheet music, or personal effects.
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Manhasset Voyager Stand
Designed for the musician demanding portability without sacrificing any Manhasset quality. This highly portable concert style music stand sports the same built-in features that have made Manhasset famous since 1935. Perfect for touring musicians or groups, the Voyager has the same solid,...
List price: $99.95 save 44%
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Manhasset Symphony Stand
Perfect for orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians that demand high quality and durability. The Manhasset Symphony Stand is used by more schools than all other music stands combined. The Symphony Stand desk is 20in wide x 12.5in high. The height of this music stand varies infinitely...
List price: $80.95 save 42%

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Manhasset Floor Protectors
The Manhasset Floor Protectors protect against those expensive to repair scratches, marks and gouges in wood or tile floors. Each vinyl protector slips easily onto the base "toes" and stay firmly in place to prevent any unnecessary scratching of floor surfaces. Excellent for use in gymnasiums, on...
List price: $7.50 save 30%
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Lyre Design Wooden Music Stand
This exquisite European crafted wooden music stand in 'Lyre' design features a heavy-duty sculpted wood post and a wood screw fastener. The stand is height adjustable and the desk tilts as desired. Select from Black or Mahogany finishes. By Stageline.
List price: $249.95 save 20%

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K&M Table Music Stand
Expandable, folding table-top music stand with sheet music retainers. Nickel finish. By Konig & Meyer.
List price: $39.99 save 25%
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K&M Smartphone Holder
Now your tuner or metromone app will not be in the way of your music.

This universal smartphone holder allows your phone to always be in reach on your music stand. The holder is suitable for flat devices with a width of 1.811 - 2.992 inches. You can switch between portrait and landscape...

List price: $54.99 save 18%
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K&M Rainbow Series Music Stand
Sturdy three-piece, wire folding music stand from Konig & Meyer with telescopic design and large desk. This stand comes in numerous bright colors and adjusts to any height to help make music fun for kids of all ages! Music desk dimensions 17in x 8in. Folded length 20in. Height 25in - 49in....
List price: $33.99 save 35%

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K&M Pencil Holder
Attaches pencils to stands. Select the appropriate size for the tubing diameter of your stand. Stand tubing size: Small - 13-15mm; Medium 20-22mm; Large 24-26mm. By Konig & Meyer
List price: $1.60 save 19%

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