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Burkart Piccolo Elite

General - Burkart Piccolo Elite

A piccolo player, Lillian Burkart has spent decades researching and refining the petit flute. The widely acclaimed Burkart piccolo sets industry standards, and is played in many of the world's top ensembles. In concert with James Phelan, Ms....


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Powell - Piccolo

General - Piccolo

A handmade Powell piccolo is lyrical and produces a dark, sweet tone that makes the instrument sound like an extension of the flute. Powell makes piccolos from Grenadilla and Kingwood. Artisans carefully select only the highest quality wood, and promptly...


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Hammig Piccolo

General - Hammig Piccolo

For well over 200 years, handmade wood piccolos from the Philipp Hammig workshop have been recognized as instruments of superior design, innovation, and craftsmanship. Acclaimed for their rich, deep tonal character, Hammig Piccolos are crafted of the...


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Bulgheroni Piccolo

General - Bulgheroni Piccolo

The Bulgheroni firm stands out from others because of its manufacturing processes. The components of the musical instruments are carried out and made exclusively in a laboratory, thus assuring meticulous care and constant quality control of the...


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Burkart Piccolo Professional

General - Burkart Piccolo Professional

The Burkart Professional piccolo is hand-crafted in the Boston area workshop that produces the world renowned Burkart Elite piccolos. The Professional model was formally known simply as the Burkart & Phelan piccolo. Each Burkart...


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Powell - Signature Piccolo

The Verne Q Powell Signature Piccolo is remarkable for its sweet, consistent tone throughout all registers, its responsive articulation, and the relative ease of sound production. Made from grenadilla wood with a sterling silver mechanism, 10k white gold springs, an optional...

List price: $5347.00 save 14%

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Roy Seaman Piccolo - Limited

Designed by master piccolo craftsman, Roy Seaman, the Roy Seaman Limited (Ltd.) has for decades been a leading choice among professional musicians. Crafted from select Grenadilla wood, and featuring sterling silver keys and mechanism, split E mechanism, and choice of wave or traditional...

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Resona Piccolo

General - Resona Piccolo

The Resona piccolo is the most exceptional piccolo available to any player, band or orchestra - a hand-crafted piccolo that is both in tune and easy to play. The Resona Piccolo is crafted from aged, Tanzanian grenadilla wood and matched with a hand...


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Roy Seaman Piccolo - Classic

The Roy Seaman Classic offers a professional piccolo crafted with select Grenadilla wood, silver-plated keys and mechanism, and split E mechanism. Featuring the highly praised Seaman scale, the Roy Seaman Classic is easily playable with accurate pitch and consistent response. Available with...

List price: $4539.00 save 43%

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Powell - Sonare Piccolo

General - Powell Sonare Piccolo

The Verne Q Powell Sonare Intermediate 850 Piccolo combines durability and playability. With its resin-infused stabilized wood body and headjoint it is able to retain the colors and feel of grenadilla wood while eliminating...

List price: $2605.00 save 14%

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Lyric Piccolo


A rare blend of quality and beauty, cultivated in the rich tradition of Japanese flute making.

The Lyric piccolo is a hybrid of technology from around the world crafted to bring out your very best - with Lyric, you'll get a dependable, responsive piccolo...

List price: $2395.00 save 38%
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Trevor James Blaze Piccolo


The Trevor James Blaze piccolo is a a dependable, responsive piccolo ideal for both new and more established piccolo players. The Trevor James Blaze piccolo delivers superior performance at an outstanding value. Every Trevor James Blaze piccolo features a Grendadilla...

List price: $2395.00 save 38%
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Yamaha Piccolo

General - Yamaha Piccolo

Yamaha offers a full range of quality piccolos in a variety of materials from silver-plated to resin to wood and of course Sterling silver. Whatever...


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Roy Seaman Piccolo - Storm

The Roy Seaman Storm piccolo is crafted from a unique synthetic material, offering the advantages and sound of a professional Roy Seaman wood piccolo with the flexibility to play in changing atmospheric conditions. The Roy Seaman Storm piccolo features silver-plated keys and mechanism,...

List price: $1899.00 save 32%

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Pearl Piccolo

General - Pearl Piccolo

The Pearl piccolo features a Grenaditte body. Grenaditte is impervious to temperature fluctuations, ensuring a remarkable performance anywhere.The piccolo also features Pearl's pinless mechanism on silver-plated nickel-silver keys, French pointed arms,...

List price: $1702.00 save 35%

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