Powell's history is very much tied to their namesake, Verne Q. Powell. A jeweler by trade, Powell fashioned himself a flute in 1910 from whatever silver he could get his hands on, including silver dollars, watch casings, and spoons. This incredible feat of metal working landed him a job at a flute company in Boston. He worked there until 1926, leaving to create his own company. His goal was to be able to produce the world’s finest French flutes, and creating his own company gave him the freedom to devote himself to detail and artistry.

His instruments were immediately recognized as the very best a flutist could play, and endorsements flowed in from flutists around the globe. In 1928 he completed his first all 14K Gold flute; soon, piccolos and alto flutes were added. By 1930 the brand had representation in the Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, and New York Orchestras. There were flutes which had a life of their own: William Kincaid's #365, known as the 'World’s Fair' Platinum flute; #900, the only flute ever made entirely of 14K White Gold; and #1142, the “Signature” Flute.

Over the decades innovation has became a hallmark of the Powell company, as they were the first to commercially use the Cooper Scale, the first company to mix silver and gold with the Aurumite flute, and the first to make 19.5K Rose Gold flutes.

The 2100 and 3100 series flutes were developed in the early 90’s, ultimately leading to the debut of today’s Conservatory flutes. The first Conservatory flute was unveiled in 2002 to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary, alongside another new instrument, the Powell Sonaré flute. A year later the Signature flute was launched. 2005 and 2006 saw brand new headjoint styles: the Soloist and the Venti. In 2007 Powell patented a new method for extruding tone holes which is now widely used today. NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman brought her Powell flute on the International Space Station in 2011, making it the only handmade flute to be played in space.


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Powell - Aurumite 9K Conservatory Flute

The Aurumite 9K Conservatory is one of the most celebrated and well-loved flutes in Powell's catalog. The evolution of their former 3100 model, the Aurumite 9K Conservatory has an exterior layer of 9K Rose Gold with an interior layer of Sterling Silver. The sound is sunny and animated. It...


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Powell - Aurumite Headjoint

The patented Powell Aurumite 9k and 14k headjoints are constructed with tubes made from Sterling silver and either 9k Rose gold or 14k gold, bonded together. All models are available in four headjoint styles (cuts).


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Powell - Conservatory Flute
Powell continues this tradition with the handmade Sterling Silver Conservatory Flute. The body has drawn tone holes, the Powell Modern scale, and a pinless mechanism. The headjoint is a handmade Custom Headjoint, the same as Powell's Custom Flutes, and can be upgraded with a...

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Powell - Gold Headjoint

Each gold Powell headjoint is available in a selection of gold alloys - 9k, 14k, 18k, or 19.5k rose gold; 10k or 14k yellow gold; or 14k white gold. Gold wings and platinum riser options are also available, along with a selection of Powell’s premier headjoint cuts.


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Powell - Grenadilla Wood Flute

The perfect marriage of old world tradition and new world design, the Powell Wooden Flute has the ability to transport your sound to a completely different spectrum of color.

Enjoy this instrument’s warm sound and unique response with a Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold pinless mechanism....


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Powell - Grenadilla Wood Headjoint
Grenadilla Wood

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Powell - Piccolo

A handmade Powell Custom piccolo is lyrical and produces a dark, sweet tone that makes the instrument sound like an extension of the flute. These piccolos represent the epitome of aesthetics and sweetness in a piccolo. The acoustic qualities of a handmade Powell piccolo are...


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Powell - Piccolo Headjoint

A handmade Powell Custom piccolo is lyrical and produces a dark, sweet tone that makes the instrument sound like an extension of the flute. Powell makes piccolos from Grenadilla and Kingwood, and Powell artisans carefully select only the highest quality wood, discarding any flawed pieces....


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Powell - Platinum Headjoint

Each platinum Powell headhjoint pairs a platinum tube (.010 wall) with a 10k gold lip plate, crown, and option of 10k gold or platinum riser. Every headjoint is available with any of Powell’s premier headjoint cut styles.


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Powell - Signature Flute

The true mark of a masterpiece is always the artist’s signature at the bottom of the canvas. The origin of the Signature Flute is no different. Made as a special gift for a Boston doctor who saved Mr. Powell’s eyesight, the original 'Signature Flute' was a Sterling...

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Powell - Signature Headjoint

The Signature I uses the lip plate of the Powell Soloist headjoint, in conjunction with a specially designed riser, to retain the distinct Powell clean and crisp articulation in addition to creating a more comfortable, lower-resistance feel. The resulting dynamic flexibility...


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Powell - Signature Piccolo

The Verne Q Powell Signature Piccolo is remarkable for its sweet, consistent tone throughout all registers, its responsive articulation, and the relative ease of sound production. Made from grenadilla wood with a sterling silver mechanism, 10k white gold springs, an optional...


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Powell - Sterling Silver Headjoint

Powell Sterling silver headjoints are available in four styles (cuts) and two wall tube thicknesses, 0.014 and 0.016. Upgrades to the lip plate and riser are also available.


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Powell Flute Custom - Gold Mechanism, Drawn Toneholes
10k · 14k Rose · 19.5k Rose
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Powell Flute Custom - Gold Mechanism, Soldered Toneholes
10k · 14k Rose · 14k White · 19.5k Rose · Platinum · Grenadilla wood

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