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Service and Repair

Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company offers in-house, professional quality, flute services from minor adjustments to overhauls as well as mechanical upgrades, enhancements and maintenance. Our technicians are all flutists themselves and are specifically trained in flute and piccolo repair and maintenance. We have been trusted for more than 16 years to perform work on some of the world's most valuable instruments whether they are owned by a renowned performer or by a local passionate student, each receives our highly regarded level of attention to detail and quality. Certified by all major manufacturers, we can also provide warranty service for all brands we sell.

Before sending your instrument to us, please call us for available openings and fill out our
Instrument Repair & Maintenance Form.


Sometimes it's the instrument and not the musician! Repairs can be as simple as adjusting a key height or as complex as re-soldering a box joint or tonehole. If you believe something may be wrong with your instrument please contact us. Our repair estimates are always free. Below are some common repair services we offer. We are glad to accept walk-ins or you may ship us your instrument for repair (See below for information on shipping us instruments).

  • key adjustment
  • mechanism re-alignment
  • dent and scratch removal
  • pad, cork, and felt replacement
  • Straubinger Certified pad repair and replacement


You love your flute but are looking for something more? Upgrades and enhancements to your flute or piccolo can make your playing easier and more enjoyable. Ask us about what can be done to yours. Common upgrades may include one or more of the following services.

  • high E facilitator
  • D# Roller
  • lip plate engraving
  • headjoint fitting
  • pad upgrades


Regular preventive maintenance is recommended by all instrument manufacturers to achieve optimum playing condition. A poorly maintained instrument can only hamper your performance. Regular maintenance is often referred to as an "annual servicing" or as a "clean, oil and adjust (aka COA)" all of which are synonyms for the regular servicing by a qualified repair technician of your instrument to keep it in good operating condition (think of it as an oil & filter change for your car). Manufacturers guidelines suggest that your instrument will require service at this level once a year based on its initial condition, how much it is played, how well it is maintained when played, and other environmental conditions. Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company has been trusted year-after-year by flutists worldwide to perform this critical service on their instruments. Preventative maintenance performed by the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company includes ALL of the following services on every instrument and will be accompanied by a consultation regarding the condition of your instrument should any additional services be required or recommended. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

  • complete disassembly
  • clean and hand polish tubing & mechanism
  • oil wood (on piccolos)
  • headjoint cork replacement
  • oil mechanism
  • adjust keys and regulate mechanism
  • remove all leaks
  • quality assurance play-testing by professional flutists


Often confused with the need for the less expensive "regular maintenance", "annual servicing" or "clean, oil and adjust (aka COA)" services, there are times when a full overhaul of an instrument is warranted. A well constructed, well maintained instrument may go as long as 10-15 years or longer before requiring a complete overhaul, depending on environmental conditions and the amount the instrument is played. At Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company we have the skills and ability to perform such an overhaul of your valuable instrument along with the experience to provide professional evaluations and advice on your need for this service. A complete instrument overhaul includes the following key services and will have your flute or piccolo playing in as-close-to, or better-than it did, when it was new.

  • complete disassembly
  • clean and hand polish tubing & mechanism
  • oil wood (on piccolos)
  • headjoint cork replacement
  • oil mechanism
  • adjust keys and regulate mechanism
  • replace ALL pads
  • replace ALL felts and corks
  • remove dents and scratches
  • quality assurance play-testing (extended period) by professional flutists


When shipping an instrument to us for any type of service (unless you have a scheduled appointment, see Maintenance and Overhauls above) please contact us and let us know it is coming. Be sure to ship the instrument in its hard case and soft case cover (if available), remove all personal accessories (cleaning rods, tuners, etc.) and pack it in a sturdy container with a minimum of 3 inches of padding on all sides or in accordance with your shipping carrier's instructions. Within the box, include your full contact information (billing and shipping addresses, all applicable phone numbers and email) along with a description of the service requested or your best description of issue you are experiencing or simply fill out our Instrument Repair & Maintenance Form.

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Before and After Pictures

We truly love what we do in the repair and maintenance department at the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, it is after all, the foundation on which the company began. The quality of our work speaks for itself and can be seen in some of these select Before and After pictures. We strive to ensure that we return each instrument to its owner in as close-to-new condition as possible and adjusted to the ultimate satisfaction of the individual player. Our professional repair and maintenance work has brought us both loyal customers over many years as well as customers who regularly refer us to friends and collegues, and for that we thank you.

Flute Before After Clean,Oil and Adjust
Damaged Flute Before and After Repair
Flute Before and After Repair