4 Flutes (I-S)

  • Ibert, J :: Christmas in Picardy
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    Ibert, J :: Christmas in Picardy

    Christmas in Picardy
    Ibert, J
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  • Ibert, J :: Christmas in Picardy

    Christmas in Picardy

    Ibert, J

    Composed in 1914 for piano, this is a piece that is all about bells. Scored for 4 C Flutes.

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  • Ibert, J :: The Little White Donkey

    The Little White Donkey

    Ibert, J

    Musicians Publications presents Jacques Ibert s The Little White Donkey arranged for flexible flute quartet by Bill Holcombe. Scored for 2 C flutes, alto flute, and bass flute, this arrangement also includes optional C flute parts to replace the alto and bass flutes when necessary, as well as a bass clarinet part to substitute for the bass flute part. This arrangement is advanced in difficulty.

    Histoires' by Jacques Ibert is a collection of ten piano pieces composed in 1922. One of them, Le petit ane blanc (the Little White Donkey) originated during a trip to Tunisia, where Ibert encountered the animal for the first time. One can definitely hear the sometimes playful, yet sometimes stubborn and rambunctious character of the donkey, punctuated throughout with hee-haws !

    - Celine Ricci and Daniel Lockert, 2012

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  • Ito, Y :: Flutes Parfait

    Flutes Parfait

    Ito, Y

    Yasuhide Ito presents Flutes Parfait: Suite for 4 flutes.

    In four playful movements - Flutes Parfait, Milonga di Malone, Cioccolata d'amore, and Gelato con caffe - the Suite is both entertaining and a well-written piece of recital music for late intermediate or advanced players.

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  • Ito, Y :: Kenyan Fantasy

    Kenyan Fantasy

    Ito, Y

    Yasuhide Ito's Kenyan Fantasy for flute quartet explores native Kenyan rhythms and sounds in four contrasting movements - Spiritual, Pole pole, Ballade, and Ngoma.

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  • Ives, C :: Selections from 114 Songs

    Included in this collection are 11 songs from the 114 Songs of Charles Ives, arranged for Flute Quartet by Hinse Mutter. Selections include: When Stars are in the Quiet Skies, Nature's Way, Over All the Treetops, The World's Wanderers, Slow March, A Song for Anything, Where the Eagle, Mists, Memories, Cradle Song, and Berceuse. Instrumentation for 2 flutes, alto flute, and bass flute (Flute 1 has piccolo ad lib. for one selection.) 

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  • Iwata, S :: Seen by Grove and Mist

    Seen by Grove and Mist

    Iwata, S

    Satoshi Yagisawa presents Seen by Grove and Mist for C flute quartet.

    In two movements, Seen by Grove and Mist is an exploration of the flute's impressionistic sound and ability to create soft walls of color.

    Duration: 9'. For advanced players.

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  • Iwata, S :: Variations on a Minuet

    Variations on a Minuet

    Iwata, S

    Satoshi Iwata presents Variations on a Minuet from Bach's Minuet in G for flute quartet.

    Duration: 4:30.

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  • Jacob, G :: Four Old Tunes

    Four Old Tunes
    Jacob, G

    The classic wind quartet by Gordon Jacob has been skilfully arranged for flexible flute quartet. Based on familiar tunes (Golden Slumbers, Charlie is my Darling etc.) this work transforms them into new attractive versions. All parts have melodies and countermelodies, and contribute equally to the music.

    Flexible flute quartet (2 flutes, flute or alto flute, flute or alto flute or bass flute)

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  • Jeanjean, F :: Ski-Symphonie [Ski Symphony]

    Ski-Symphonie [Ski Symphony]

    Jeanjean, F

    From the publisher, Gerard Billaudot, Faustin Jeanjean’s Ski-symphonie for flute quartet is a fantastic piece of chamber music. Approximately five minutes in length, Ski-symphonie is a fast paced quartet comprised of scalar and arpeggiated flourishes. Jeanjean demands great technical facility, stunning long phrases, as well as an overall sense of maturity throughout the virtuosic passages. This quartet is a perfect encore for a recital. Faustin Jeanjean was a 20th century French composer

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  • Jessel, L :: Parade of the Tin Soldiers

    Parade of the Tin Soldiers

    Jessel, L

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  • Jongen, J :: Elegie
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    Jongen, J :: Elegie

    Jongen, J

    Joseph Jongen's Elegie for 4 C flutes. Includes score and parts.

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  • Jongen, J :: Two Paraphrases on Walloon Christmas Carols
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    Jongen, J :: Two Paraphrases on Walloon Christmas Carols

    Two Paraphrases on Walloon Christmas Carols
    Jongen, J

    Joseph Jongen presents the Two Paraphrases on Walloon Christmas Carols for flute quartet (3 flutes and alto flute, with alternate 4th parts for clarinet, english horn, or french horn).

    Jongen's signature lush, darker impressionism comes to the fore in these two pieces - the Houte on pau and the Qui vout dire coula, fre Mati? carols. Cleverly written and with a distinct idiomatic feel, the Paraphrases are especially suited as a concert work.

    For late intermediate to advanced players.

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  • Joplin, S :: Maple Leaf Rag
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    Joplin, S :: Maple Leaf Rag

    Maple Leaf Rag
    Joplin, S
    Maple Leaf Rag For flute quartet with opt. alto and bass flute.
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  • Joplin, S :: Scott Joplin: Portrait
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    Joplin, S :: Scott Joplin: Portrait

    Scott Joplin: Portrait
    Joplin, S

    Musicians Publications presents Scott Joplin Portrait arranged for flute quartet by Bill Holcombe Jr. This collection of hit songs originally by Scott Joplin includes the tracks The Ragtime Dance', 'The Entertainer , 'The Easy Winners , Pineapple Rag', Solace , Cascades', Maple Leaf Rag , 'Original Rag , and Chrysanthemum . Scored for 4 C flutes, this arrangement also includes an optional alto flute part to substitute for the 4th flute when available for performance.

    Maple Leaf Rag' remained a constant in popular music throughout the Jazz Age, but the better part of Joplin's work remained unknown until the ragtime revival of the early '70s, during which Scott Joplin' became a household name and Treemonishia was finally staged by the Houston Grand Opera. Although primary sources on Joplin's music were still extant as late as the late '40s, today not a single manuscript page in Joplin's hand still exists and only three photographs of him have survived, along with precious few first-hand quotations. Joplin died in a mental facility convinced that he had failed in his mission to achieve success as an African-American composer of serious music. Were he alive today, Joplin would be astounded to learn that, a century after his work was first printed, he is the most successful African-American composer of serious music that ever lived -- by far. Some of his works have been recorded hundreds of times and arranged for practically every conceivable instrumental combination, played by everything from symphony orchestras to ice cream trucks. For a couple of generations of Americans who have even never heard of Stephen Foster, the music of Scott Joplin represents the old, traditional order of all things American. - Uncle Dave Lewis

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  • Joplin, S :: The Entertainer

    The Entertainer
    Joplin, S
    The Entertainer for flute quartet
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  • Joubert, CH :: Ouverture


    Joubert, CH

    Joubert's Overture, for four beginning flutists, is a short series of three chorales that let the flutists meld their tones without becoming too challenging. Lovely and an excellent introduction to balanced quartet and ensemble playing.

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  • Kabalevsky, D :: The Comedians' Gallop

    The Comedians' Gallop
    Kabalevsky, D
    The Comedians' Galop for flute quartet or quintet
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  • Kabiljo, A :: Parkovi


    Kabiljo, A

    Parkovi is a beautiful art song by Croatian composer Alfi Kabiljo, originally composed for soprano voice. He created this flute quartet version of the song for the flute quartet 4Syrinx, which they have recorded on their CD Room for Four.

    For 3 flutes and alto (or optional alternate C flute or bass flute).

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  • Kahkonen, G :: Five Miniatures

    Five Miniatures

    Kahkonen, G

    Five Miniatures for Solo Flute by Gay Kahkonen. From the composer: 'I wrote these little pieces as compositional exercises for myself during the depths of the Covid pandemic. My goal was to write a series of one-minute-long pieces that were not too serious in nature, and to write each piece in a single sitting. The result is this set of trifles.' In five movements: Bouncing, Dance, Longing, Etude, and Pirouette Polka.

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