• 101 Flute Tips: Stuff All The Pros Know And Use

    101 Flute Tips: Stuff All The Pros Know And Use
    Schmidt, Elaine

    Tips, suggestions, advice and other useful information garnered through a lifetime of flute study and professional gigging are all presented in this book and accompanying CD with dozens of entries gleaned from first-hand experience.

    Topics covered include:

    selecting the right flute for you
    finding the right teacher
    warm-up exercises
    practicing effectively
    taking good care of your flute
    gigging advice; staying and playing healthy
    members of the flute family
    extended ranges and techniques
    flute fraternization.

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  • 6 Weeks to Finals: The Complete System for Audition Success

    Written in easy-to-read short chapters, 6 WEEKS TO FINALS is a clearly organized system for flutists to prepare and train musically and mentally for auditions. Sharon Sparrow, a flutist in the Detroit Symphony, has taken countless auditions herself, understands the rigors of preparation and the state of mind necessary for success. This textbook guides flutists through the all-important process behind a successful audition.

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  • A First Coloring Book of Musical Instruments

    A First Coloring Book of Musical Instruments
    Beard, Katherine K
    A First Coloring Book of Musical Instruments. Soft cover, 19 pgs, by Katherine K. Beard
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  • A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music

    A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music
    Spielman, Helen
    Written from the heart, A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music illuminates one woman s deeply personal experience as a musician. The stories, correspondence, and interviews abound with treasures uncovered when love and passion guide a life. The narrative is rich with the joy, struggle, and fullness of her journey as a music teacher, adult learner, performer, and seeker of growth through music.

    Author Helen Spielman did not seek a life in music, but found herself taking four teenagers on a flute trip to London, observing Sir James Galway record a CD at Abbey Roads Studios, and concertizing in a prison. Through her beautiful, touching, and sometimes hilarious tales, readers will discover deeper layers of humanity within themselves.

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  • A Performer's Guide to Music of the Baroque Period

    A Performer's Guide to Music of the Baroque Period
    Burton, Anthony
    Historical Background (George Pratt )- Notation and Interpretation (Peter Holman) - Keyboard (Davitt Moroney) - Strings (Andrew Manze) - Wind Instruments (Stephen Preston) - Singing (John Potter) - Sources and Editions (Clifford Bartlett). Illustrated with many music examples, facsimiles and pictures, includes a full length CD of excerpts from authoritative recordings. Soft cover, 130 pages.
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  • A Performer's Guide to Music of the Romantic Period

    A Performer's Guide to Music of the Romantic Period
    Burton, Anthony
    Historical Background (Hugh Macdonald) - Notation and Interpretation (Clive Brown) - Keyboard (Roy Howat/David Goode) - Strings (Robin Stowell) - Wind Instruments (Trevor Herbert) - Singing (David Mason) - Sources and Editions (Robert Pascall). Illustrated with many music examples, facsimiles and pictures, includes a full length CD of excerpts from authoritative recordings. Soft cover, 110 pages.
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  • A Whole Approach to Jazz Improvisation

    A Whole Approach to Jazz Improvisation
    Sabatella, Marc
    The main goals of the book are: to teach the language of jazz, to increase your understanding of jazz as performed by others and for performers who need information on how to improve their improvisational techniques. This book is organized as a series of steps toward becoming a jazz musician, either as a performer or as a more informed listener. Most of the steps are geared for the performer, but the non-performing listener is encouraged to try out as many of the playing examples as possible. This should help broaden your ear and help you appreciate aspects of the music you might not have recognized otherwise. The steps outlined in this book are: Listen to many different styles of jazz. Understanding jazz fundamentals. Learning chord/scale relationships. Learning how to apply the theory to jazz improvisation. Learning how to accompany other soloists. Playing with others. Listening analytically. Breaking the rules. Find out the techniques used by the great jazz musicians including : Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Ray Brown, Tony Williams, and Wayne Shorter. After reading this book you will have the necessary background to get the most out of anything else you may wish to read and learn about jazz.
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  • Alfred's Basic Lesson Assignment & Daily Practice Record

    Alfred's Basic Lesson Assignment & Daily Practice Record
    A 24-page book for teachers to use when assigning each week's lesson. Also contains a practice record section where students can keep track of their practice time each day.
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  • Alto & Bass Flute Resource Book

    Alto & Bass Flute Resource Book

    Potter, Christine

    Alto and bass flutes are discussed separately in chapters about intonation solutions and recommended repertoires. There also is a history of alto and bass flute, plus composers' guidelines and recommended recordings. Helpful tips include buying an alto or bass, physical considerations, tone, intonation, tonguing and general information.

    Soft cover, 20 pages.

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  • Audition Success by Greene

    Audition Success by Greene
    Greene, Don
    Chronicles the story of two musicians as they learn how to prepare for important auditions, employing the same techniques and strategies used by top athletes to perform under extreme pressure. Audition Success is based on the artists' transcribed conversations with Dr. Greene during an intensive two month training period. Soft cover, 168 pages.
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  • Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School

    Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School
    Cohen, Sheryl
    Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School offers an inspiring and artistic application of the teachings of Jean-Pierre Rampal and Alain Marion to daily studies, etudes, and traditional repertoire. In twelve chapters, Sheryl Cohen explores the Rampal School s poetic approach to expressive phrasing as a foundation to develop music artistry, creative practice methods, breath control, tone, articulation, and technique, all while searching to free the artist within. This bold 220-plus page work includes 34 etudes and 33 solo movements: J.S. Bach s Partita, Sonata in E Minor, C.P.E. Bach s Sonata in A Minor for flute alone, Telemann Fantasias No. 2 and 10, along with movements from works by Blavet, Mozart, Handel, plus studies of Boehm, Andersen, Koehler, Altes, and more. By Sheryl Cohen. Soft cover, 221 pages, spiral bound.
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  • Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

    Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music
    Beeching, Angela Myles
    Contrary to the standard joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall, 'making it' in music is not simply about practice, practice, practice. Today, over 200,000 people in the United States work as musicians. With competition for traditional employment opportunities for musicians becoming ever more heated, today's musicians must know how the music industry works and how they can tailor their skills accordingly. How can musicians create their own professional paths? In Beyond Talent, veteran music career counselor Angela Myles Beeching offers up a comprehensive guide for musicians in search of work, demystifying the steps to success. Drawing on a wealth of real-life examples, the book untangles artist management and the recording industry and explains how to find and create performance opportunities. Guidance is also provided on grant writing and fundraising, day jobs, freelancing, and how to manage money, time, and stress. Straightforward and reader-friendly, Beyond Talent is filled with practical tips, examples, checklists, sample budgets, goal-setting exercises, and extensive resource listings. This essential handbook goes beyond the usual 'how-to'; Beyond Talent helps musicians tackle the core questions about career goals, defining success, and imagining and then creating a meaningful life as a professional musician. Features: Step-by-step instructions detail how to: design promotional materials, book performances; network and access resources and assistance; jump-start a stalled career; expand your employment opportunities while remaining true to your music. A musician herself, Beeching offers her fellow artists the tangible tools and information they need to chart their own career paths. The most comprehensive music career guide available: covers the entire range of career issues most musicians face. Paperback, 373 pages, Second Edition.
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  • Beyond the Notes: Musical Thoughts and Analyses

    Beyond the Notes: Musical Thoughts and Analyses
    Nyfenger, Thomas
    This book serves as a sequel to Nyfenger's Music and the Flute. It goes further in exploring his musical conceptions and in examining major works such as J.S. Bach's Sonatas, Faure's Fantasy, Telemann's Fantasias, and Hindemith's Kleine Kammermusik. Spiral bound, 165 pages.
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  • Beyond Time and Changes

    Beyond Time and Changes
    Crook, Hal

    In Beyond Time and Changes, acclaimed jazz trombonist, pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and author Hal Crook offers a methodology to guide the advancing improviser through the un-chartered musical territory known as free jazz.

    Beyond Time and Changes shows improvisers how to prepare for soloing and comping in free settings by exploring the issues of musical accuracy, musicality and continuity (motive development) on form, and then reveals how to create structure and order within free settings by using the known to navigate the unknown.

    With the aid of lucid explanations, concise musical examples, practical exercises, solo transcriptions and a compelling demonstration CD featuring 17 performances by the author and a stellar rhythm section, Beyond Time and Changes solves the mystery long associated with how to make free improvisation make sense--without losing your freedom in the process.

    Soft cover, 153 pages with CD.

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  • Body Mapping for Flutists

    Body Mapping for Flutists

    Pearson, Lea

    This book discusses Body Mapping for flutists. Specifically, balance in standing and sitting; how to use arms to prevent injury; free and supported breathing; anatomical information on how the body works; training the kinesthetic sense; the importance of movement for musicians; and practical exercises for students and teachers. Soft cover, 109 pages, spiral bound.

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  • Classical Destinations: An Armchair Guide to Classical Music

    Classical Destinations: An Armchair Guide to Classical Music
    Callow, Simon; McDougall, Wendy

    With more than 200 stunning color photographs by noted photographer Wendy McDougall, Classical Destinations takes readers on a tour of the history and geography of classical music, examining the lives of the great composers as related to their places of birth, education, triumphs, and failures. For today's traveler the book comes full-circle, describing how, through their achievements, the great composers came to influence the places where they lived and performed.

    In these pages readers can visit Venice when it was home to Vivaldi, Salzburg as Mozart's prodigious talents emerged, Leipzig during the time of Mendelssohn and Schumann, Prague as growing Czech nationalism gripped Smetana, and the Vienna where Beethoven faced incurable deafness. The reader will accompany J. S. Bach through the towns of central Germany and tour St. Petersburg as Tchaikovsky knew it. Beyond the cities, Classical Destinations includes the dramatic landscapes of Norway and Finland that made so much of an impression on the music of Grieg and Sibelius. Hardcover, 240 pages.

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  • Color My Band And Orchestra

    The popularity of coloring books for the middle school aged to adult artist has become one of the faster growing recreational activities for artists of all skill levels. It took innovation however, to marry the visual arts with music in this original concept and series.

    Experience the high quality you've come to expect from Santorella Publications in Color My Orchestra and Color My Band, each with 16 popular instruments depicted with intricate background patterns. Each image is printed on heavy stock on only one side of the page to avoid bleed-through. Printed in the larger 9 x 12 size, with lay-flat binding, the book is designed to last for years, while each page is perforated for easy removal and coloring. Every illustration will become a one-of-a-kind original piece with your personal touch and a work of art truly suitable for framing.

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  • Composers in Time

    Composers in Time
    Theory Time Partners
    Composers in Time is a quick reference handbook listing composers and musical styles of their era - a great resource for students and teachers! Soft cover, 28 pages.
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  • Deepening Musical Performance through Movement

    Deepening Musical Performance through Movement
    Pierce, Alexandra
    Alexandra Pierce helps musicians gain a richer understanding of music through the use of the body and gesture. She asserts that expression of character and affect in music corresponds to expression of character and affect in physical gesture. she seeks to answer the question, 'What is vitality in music?' and to find answers that contribute to hearing and performing this core quality of music in order to help musicians integrate them into daily practice. Pierce's approach is to isolate and explore through movement such elements of music as melody, beat, and structural levels. Short narratives that illustrate how performance practice problems can be approached and solved are scattered throughout the book. Paperback, 248 pages.
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  • Demi's Flute

    Demi's Flute

    It's not the end of the world, but it feels like it to young Demetria Woods when she enters middle school for the first time. Faced with a secret crush, new friends, and a demanding yet encouraging music teacher, Demi's 7th grade year will not soon be forgotten. When a loved one gets ill, Demi begins to discover some of the true secrets to life, music, as well as the challenging yet enlightening process of growing up.

    From first time author Delandria Mills, in a collaborative endeavor with novelist Riley S Brown, comes a juvenile fiction novel about music and the power it can wield.

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