In 1947 Luigi Bulgheroni realized his lifelong dream and set up his own business in the manufacture of wood and brass musical instruments. A dream which began when he was a child, when his father, a respected forger-master, supported the propensities of his son Luigi, guiding him towards the study of music and the world surrounding it.

Confident of handing down not only a business, but also his long experience and a unique art, Luigi passed on his enthusiasm and passion to his sons, Giacomo and Sergio, who, in 1974, set up the firm F.lli Bulgheroni S.n.c., which has specialized in the production of double reed instruments, Oboe, Oboe d'Amore, English Horn and of the Piccolo since 1985.

The Bulgheroni firm stands out from others because of its manufacturing processes. The components of the musical instruments are carried out and made exclusively in a laboratory, thus assuring meticulous care and constant quality control of the products from the initial phase of the production to the final product. This process guarantees instruments of very high quality, accompanied by an elegant design and innovative solutions. Bulgheroni chooses only the finest quality tonewoods for their piccolos: Grenadilla from Mozambique and Cocus from the Caribbean, which are carefully selected and seasoned to ensure the unique nature of every instrument.

The strength of the Bulgheroni firm lies in the hands of their skilled craftsman, because their expert and meticulous manual skills can never be replaced by the schematic mass production of a machine.

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