The Emanuel Flute, introduced in 1991, is known to top flutists as an instrument that both delights and challenges. With carefully studied, faithfully rendered design, and consistently precise construction, Emanuel’s instruments allow the professional player to explore the full dynamic and expressive range of the flute. The Emanuel Flute’s colorful sound projects well in demanding orchestral settings, and blends its singing tone in ensemble playing of all types. In a global culture of homogenized arts marketing, in an industry where companies have access to technical sophistication of all kinds, the workshop of Emanuel Flutes is an icon of traditional craft like no other in the United States today. Emanuel doesn’t assemble flute components brought in from unnamed manufacturers and doesn’t dilute his time or energy with outsourcing. Flute parts are designed and produced in Emanuel’s home-based workshop. A self-taught flute-maker, Emanuel has been building instruments for 30 years.

Then, of course, there’s the sound. Every silver-soldered joint, every oiled pivot, contributes to an acoustic and aesthetic whole that results in a round, warm tone, full with harmonics. The Emanuel Flute has a complex sound that adapts and evolves with your own artistry, stretching you, rewarding your effort, and in the hands of their owners, growing more responsive and resonant as time passes. People who buy an Emanuel flute are artists who want to play an instrument made by an artist, and who are willing to try a flute that is less commercially visible than the mass-produced, high-volume brands on the market today.