Flute & 1 or 2 Winds

  • Alexander, J :: Three Miniatures for Two Extremes
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    Alexander, J :: Three Miniatures for Two Extremes

    Three Miniatures for Two Extremes
    Alexander, J
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  • Alves, JC :: Bulico
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    Alves, JC :: Bulico

    Alves, JC

    Joao Carlos Alves presents Bulico, op. 107, for flute, french horn, and piano. Balanced writing and a charming, thick musical language allow this work to clearly speak for both players and audience.

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  • Amos, K :: Flute & Oboe Concerto
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    Amos, K :: Flute & Oboe Concerto

    Flute & Oboe Concerto
    Amos, K
    Amos - Flute & Oboe Concerto
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  • Arma, P :: Divertimento No. 18
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    Arma, P :: Divertimento No. 18

    Divertimento No. 18

    Arma, P

    From the publisher, Gerard Billaudot, and Georges Gourget collection, Paul Arma’s Divertimento no. 18 for flute and alto saxophone is a set of nine beautiful miniature duets. This collection is an excellent choice for musicians looking for a duo ranging from easy-intermediate to intermediate in level. Divertimento also serves as a resource from doublers on saxophone and flute. Paul Arma was a 20th century Hungarian-French pianist, composer, and ethnomusicologist.

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  • Arnold, M :: Suite Bourgeoise
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    Arnold, M :: Suite Bourgeoise

    Suite Bourgeoise
    Arnold, M
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  • Asia, D :: Five Images

    Five Images

    Asia, D

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  • Asia, D :: Five Images
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    Asia, D :: Five Images

    Five Images

    Asia, D

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  • Asia, D :: Music for Four Flutes
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    Asia, D :: Music for Four Flutes

    Music for Four Flutes

    Asia, D

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  • Austin, E :: Capricornus Caribbicus
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    Austin, E :: Capricornus Caribbicus

    Capricornus Caribbicus
    Austin, E

    Elisabeth Austin presents Capricornus Caribbicus, a work in three movements for flute, oboe, and piano.

    The punctuated rhythms and syncopations of African derivation which overlay the Contradance, the most popular dance in the Caribbean during the nineteenth century, combined to form the first musical genre that truly had a Caribbean character. The fast, upbeat first movement Danza reflects these influences. Besides turning itself into a percussive 'wood drum' at times, the piano also simulates the low, deep rolling sea.

    The Beatitude of Movement II's title acknowledges those physically blind, but not spiritually. This middle movement is calm and expectant, as if one is hearing and seeing in a world different than our own. Upwardly spiraling passages signal a heavenly direction.

    The final movement brings together many threads of Caribbean life; a waltz rhythm turns into the dotted notes of the habenera, with an incongruous folk hymn interlaced with a popular latin-american melody.

    For advanced players. Includes score and parts.

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  • Averitt, W :: Wind Play
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    Averitt, W :: Wind Play

    Wind Play
    Averitt, W

    William Averitt s Wind Play, for flute, bassoon, and piano, is a series of quasi-tone poems.

    The title of the first movement, 'Ghost Shadows,' is a nod in the direction of Beethoven's great 'Ghost Trio,' whose opening textures Ghost Shadows distantly emulates, as well as the fact that it was written for a Halloween weekend. Formally, the first movement is a sonatina, dividing in half as expositions-development/coda.

    The music of 'Delicate Traceries,' the 2nd movement, focuses on the two winds throughout, with the piano remaining almost entirely in the background. The opening section overlaps low flute with high bassoon in quiet dialogue. The second part begins with wind octaves but soon moves into a short canon led by the flute and answered by the bassoon in inversion. This builds into the movement's climax, followed by a very brief return of the music from the beginning.

    'Pursuit (Perpetuum mobile),' is a quirky, energetic rondo-finale in six equal sections: A-B-A-C-A & Coda (on B). The A sections largely center on a constantly changing interplay between the piano and winds; the B section and related Coda are syncopated and jazzy; and, finally, the C section is entirely for piano alone.

    For advanced players.

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  • Azevedo, S :: 5 Pequenas Pecas [5 Small Pieces]
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    Azevedo, S :: 5 Pequenas Pecas [5 Small Pieces]

    5 Pequenas Pecas [5 Small Pieces]
    Azevedo, S

    Sergio Azevedo presents 5 Pequenas Pecas (5 Small Pieces) for flute, bassoon, piano. In five movements - Burletta, Tarantela, Gavota, Valsa, Finale - the trio mimics an old dance suite in an almost Martinu- or Prokofiev-esque style. Complex, difficult, yet playful writing and exquisite voice balancing round out this work.

    From the composer:

    'I wrote the 5 Little Pieces at the request of a trio of ESML, so that this work is inserted in a vast number of other pieces with the same objective: to provide repertoire for less usual ensembles that, for that reason, do not usually have much available. Notwithstanding the utilitarian purpose, and since I never write music just to write, I hope that these curated pieces give some moments of auditory pleasure to those who experience them and to those who play them.'

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  • Azevedo, S :: Divertimento
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    Azevedo, S :: Divertimento

    Azevedo, S

    Sergio Azebedo presents Divertimento for flute and bassoon. In four movements - Bucolica, Alla Marcia, Pastoral, and Finale: Tarantella. Playful, pleasant writing that still stretches the players' technique and ensemble playing, with deeply flavorful harmonic language.

    For advanced players.

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  • Bach, J :: 2-Bit Contraptions

    2-Bit Contraptions

    Bach, J

    This is an off-kilter collection of 'Diverse and Sundry Musical Amusements for a contaminated Rainy Afternoon.' The movement titles are just as programmatic, and present an opportunity for levity during performance. For flute and french horn.

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  • Bach, JS :: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
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    Bach, JS :: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
    Bach, JS
    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for Flute, Alto Sax and Piano
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  • Barab, S :: Suite
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    Barab, S :: Suite


    Barab, S

    Seymour Barab's Suite, for flute and bassoon, is an effervescent collection of five movements. Though his idiom is conservative and traditionally tonal, he creates an engaging sense of off-balance sprightliness or devilishness, seemingly without effort. This quirky individuality belies the blandly-named Suite itself, and makes this a well-made concert work.

    Duration: 12'

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  • Baratto, P :: Hoch und Tief [High and Low]
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    Baratto, P :: Hoch und Tief [High and Low]

    Hoch und Tief [High and Low]
    Baratto, P
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  • Barber, S :: Capricorn Concerto
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    Barber, S :: Capricorn Concerto

    Capricorn Concerto
    Barber, S
    Capricorn Concerto for Flute, Oboe, Trumpet and Strings (Piano Reduction)
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  • Beerman, B :: The Gathering
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    Beerman, B :: The Gathering

    The Gathering
    Beerman, B

    Burton Beerman presents The Gathering, a duo for flute (doubling piccolo) and alto saxophone. From the composer:

    'One of my first experiences as a composer was writing gospel tunes for groups in the Atlanta area when I was as young as eight years old. I do not have any hardcopy or recordings of these works (we didn t have analog cassettes, dats, cd burners, and recording anything was a major task, especially if you were eight years old) but the imprinted experiences stick with me to this day.

    The Gathering uses a gospel tune that I composed during that time. At least, it uses the tune as I best can remember it. It is probably reasonable accurate. These early musical experiences are still vivid in my memory. Today, I can close my eyes and take myself back to these southern churches and to the music deeply rooted rhythms and musical energy that filled these small halls from the first moment you walked in until the moment you left.'

    Single score.

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  • Beglarian, E :: Five Things

    Five Things by Eve Beglarian for spoken voice, flute, baritone sax, and optional woodblocks, was written in October, 2001. 

    This is a special printed edition of Five Things made for the 2018 National Flute Association Convention. The text is Thomas Cleary’s translation of a Song Dynasty (10th to 13th century) letter to a Zen Master named Xiang. 

    "While I originally envisioned the piece for flute, bassoon, and woodblock, it has been successfully performed by a number of different configurations of instruments. I’m open to re-orchestrating it for your ensemble." -Eve Beglarian 

    Intermediate in difficulty, this work is a beautiful edition to any flutist’s library. Eve Beglarian is a 21st century American composer.

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  • Berkeley, L :: Trio
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    Berkeley, L :: Trio


    Berkeley, L

    Trio for flute, oboe, and piana was composed by Lennox Berkeley for the Sylvan Trio in 1935.

    "The Sylvan Trio was formed in 1929 by Sylvia Spencer, oboe, Millicent Silver, piano, and John Francis, the flautist for whom Berkeley composed his Flute Concerto, Op. 36. When Sylvia Spencer wrote to Berkeley in 1934, asking him for a trio, he replied: 'It seems rather an odd combination but I have no doubt that it can be made to sound well, and I think that a composer who knows his job ought to be able to write for any combination of instruments.' Berkeley was in London in 1935 to conduct the premiere of his Overture, Op. 8, at the Proms on October 1st. According to Sylvia Spencer's diary, he attended a Sylvan Trio rehearsal of the new piece on October 22nd. It was on this occasion that he reallocated the bars in the first movement from the right hand of the piano to the flute part.

    The Sylvan Trio broadcast Lennox Berkeley's trio for the BBC on the British Empire Broadcasting Service in March 1936 under the title "Four Pieces: Prelude - Allegro moderato - Dance Number - Fugue". This was presumably the title of the trio, but the front page of the manuscript is now missing. Judging by the well-thumbed nature of the score, the Sylvan Trio played the work many times. The Trio was very active in the 1930s, broadcasting regularly and giving numerous concerts in music societies, concert halls, and schools. The manuscript survived a near direct hit during the war, because it was kept in John and Millicent Francis' music room in the basement of their London house. In 1945 John Francis and Millicent Silver formed the London Harpsichord Ensemble, which was invited to give a series of ten concerts in the 1950 Edinburgh Festival, to mark the bicentenary of the death of J.S. Bach. John Francis and members of the Ensemble also played in the English Opera Group, formed by Benjamin Britten in 1947. The trio was revived in a BBC broadcast with Sarah Francis in 1988 in a series of four programmes, devised by Peter Dickinson and produced by Paul Spicer, to the composer's 85th birthday." -Sarah Francis

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