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  • Mack, D :: Kebyar
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    Mack, D :: Kebyar

    Mack, D

    Dieter Mack presents Kebyar, for flute and piano.

    Kebyar recalls a Balinese dance - and music-style arising at the beginning of the 20th Century. Strong, unpredictable contrasts and an ecstatic but always controlled 'wildness' are significant for that style. The piece can be seen as a meditative exercise; play with the utmost 'ecstasy' and also the utmost 'emptyness'.

    For advanced players.

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  • Maertens, J :: Contrast


    Maertens, J

    Jaak Maertens' Contrast, for flute and piano, is a playful piece that takes elements of Faure's Sicilienne and builds and changes those elements.

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  • Maes, J :: Arabesque et Scherzo

    The Belgian composer Jef Maes often described himself as a 'modern romantic,' and his 1948 Arabesque and Scherzo for flute and piano (written as a concours piece for the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp in Belgium) is a testament to that label. Quite aside from its appeal to flutists as a competition work - with its origins as a concours piece allowing the player to display both technical and musical prowess - the music itself holds touches of Korngold and early Hindemith in its lush melodies and moments of sultry film music. And, though Maes held no truck with most elements of modernism, his clever take on neo-romantic harmony and a healthy touch of humor keeps the piece sounding fresh and appealing.

    Constructed on the model of more famous Paris Conservatoire pieces - Gaubert's Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando, for example, or Enesco's Cantabile et Presto - the Arabesque and Scherzo revels in the two-movement format. The opening Arabesque allows the flutist to sing, with ornamentation and figurations highlighting the flute's ability to color octave-spanning melody with technique. The Scherzo alternates between action sequences and moments of reverie, but always with an ear towards vivid musicality and clear conversation between flute and piano.

    For advanced players.

    Metropolis Music presents Jef Maes' Arabeske en Schero (or Arabesque and Scherzo) as part of the Belgian Repertoire Series. This new repertoire series (ranging from solo repertoire to chamber works) draws from the best of the old Metropolis catalogue. Notably, this repertoire series includes a large number of compositions written as required works for conservatories throughout Europe. Though most musicians are more familiar with the concours titles from the Conservatoire de Paris, these works written for the Belgian schools are as complex - and as musically intriguing - as their Parisian counterparts and range from simple sight-reading solo works to rich, multi-layered quintets and concertos.

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  • Magalif, E :: Aria


    Magalif, E

    Eugene Magalif's Aria was originally written for the musical The Wild Hunt, though the project was canceled. On the advice of fellow flutists, Aria was arranged for the flute, and has been successfully performed in Italy, Russia, and Spain.

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  • Magalif, E :: Colibri (Hummingbird)

    Colibri (Hummingbird)

    Magalif, E

    For flute and piano. Inspired by watching hummingbirds flying and drinking nectar on his balcony. A charming piece for the more advanced player.

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  • Magalif, E :: Concerto for Flute

    Concerto for Flute

    Magalif, E

    The Concerto for Flute by Eugene Magalif was completed in 2015. In February 2016, it was recorded for the CD album Colibri by soloist Patrick Dillery, flute (USA) and Dnipro Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), and a few days later, in March, the World Premiere took place in Dnipro Philharmonic Hall. Here it is presented in a reduction for flute and piano.

    The Concerto consists of three movements: Allegretto Andante Allegro, and the form is close to similar works of the 18th century. The first and third movements are written in the rondo-variation form, while the second movement is a three-part fugue with a freely-floating flute obbligato, each combining styles of 18th-19th century classical music with modern popular music.

    Duration: 19 50. For the advanced player.

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  • Magalif, E :: Four Seasons
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    Magalif, E :: Four Seasons

    Four Seasons
    Magalif, E

    This is a mini suite for Flute and Piano with rainy and sad Autumn; frosty and calm Winter; melting snow, streams, awakening of nature in Spring; funny and jazzy Summer. Autumn was a mandatory piece at Moscow 2012 International Children s Competition.

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  • Magalif, E :: Mazurka
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    Magalif, E :: Mazurka

    Magalif, E

    A lively Mazurka in compound triple time. Bubbling triplets and jaunty leaps lead to a middle section in the relative minor. Energetic scales then lead back to a re-statement of the first theme. A couple of top C's push this piece into the advanced range, but the rhythms and phrases are straightforward. For piccolo or flute and piano.

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  • Magalif, E :: Promenade


    Magalif, E

    "Promenade" (for Flute and Piano) by Eugene Magalif grew out of piano exercises written by the composer to develop his grandchildren's ability to play light jazz and easy improvisation. Later, it was expanded into two versions.

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  • Magalif, E :: Revelation

    Magalif, E

    Composed originally for flute and alto flute duo with chamber orchestra, this tuneful and songlike piece was later arranged by the composer for various duo and solo combinations with both orchestra and piano accompaniment.

    This version for solo flute and piano is part of the James Galway Presents series, designed to introduce players of all abilities to noteworthy contemporary works and composers for flute.

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  • Magalif, E :: Romance

    Magalif, E

    Romance for flute and piano is based on an original vocal work of the same title by the composer. This version was created for and dedicated to the flutist Rita D Arcangelo.

    Eugene Magalif has been honored guest at the Galway Flute Festival in Switzerland and Southern Music is proud to present this publication as part of the James Galway Presents series, designed to introduce players of all abilities to noteworthy contemporary works and composers for flute.

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  • Magalif, E :: Serenity
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    Magalif, E :: Serenity

    Magalif, E

    Written almost as a 'song without words' with a flowing, singing melody. For flute and piano or harp.

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  • Magalif, E :: Two South American Folk Songs

    Two South American Folk Songs

    Magalif, E

    Two familiar South American Folk Songs, El Condor Pasa from Peru, and Nino Lindo from Venezuela. Beautiful arrangements which are sure to be enjoyed by all audiences!

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  • Maggio, R :: Fluano Pianute

    Fluano Pianute

    Maggio, R

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  • Mahler, G :: Songs of a Wayfarer [Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen]

    Songs of a Wayfarer [Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen]

    Mahler, G

    Also known as 'Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen,' the complete Wayfarer song cycle is transcribed for flute and piano. The first and fourth movements may be performed on Alto Flute with the supplemental parts included. A wonderful addition to the flutist's repertoire, the movements translated are: The Day of My Darling's Wedding, This Morning I Went Walking Through the Fields, I Have a Glowing Dagger, and Two Blue Eyes.

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  • Mahler, G :: Wer hat dies Liedel erdacht? - Five Selected Songs
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    Mahler, G :: Wer hat dies Liedel erdacht? - Five Selected Songs

    Wer hat dies Liedel erdacht? - Five Selected Songs
    Mahler, G
    Wer hat dies Liedel erdacht? - Five Selected Songs by Gustav Mahler , edited by Emmanuel Pahud and arranged by Ronald Kornfeil, includes a selection of pieces that best suits the sound of the flute while providing plenty of variety. The arrangements transform Mahler's songs from their original conception for voice and piano or orchestral accompaniment into a purely instrumental dialogue between two equally important instrumentalists. Includes score and part.
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  • Maier, A :: Sonata in b minor

    Amanda Roengen-Maier's Sonata in b minor for violin and piano was unplayed for 100 years after its mighty debut at the end of the nineteenth century. Internationally-acclaimed flutist Carol Wincenc's passion for discovering outstanding new repertoire for flute led her to Maier's work and this first-ever arrangement for flute and piano. With the exception of a few judicious octave adjustments to make the lines more idiomatic to solo flute, the notes, articulations and dynamics have remained much as they are in the original piece This new edition pays tribute to a composition of the highest level of creativity, and a greatly underappreciated female composer of the Romantic Era, introducing them for all to enjoy.

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  • Maker, FC :: Beneath the Cross of Jesus
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    Maker, FC :: Beneath the Cross of Jesus

    Beneath the Cross of Jesus
    Maker, FC
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  • Makholm, J :: Sonata
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    Makholm, J :: Sonata


    Makholm, J

    Joseph Makholm's Sonata, for flute and piano, combines jazz harmonies and rhythms in a classical three-movement form.

    The first movement, September Shuffle, begins with a 'groove' ostinato in a 7/4 meter in the piano. Above this the flute offers up a bluesy theme, then develops into a more agitated second theme before cycling back to the opening.

    The second movement, Iris, begins with slow, measured minor accompaniment with a jazz improvisation-like theme in the flute, contrasting with a quasi-waltz in the middle section.

    The third movement, Lester looks back, is a hard, driving swing that transforms into open, resonant sounds, with jazz quotations abounding.

    For the advanced player.

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  • Manas, A :: Rhapsodia Andina
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    Manas, A :: Rhapsodia Andina

    Rhapsodia Andina
    Manas, A

    Performer, educator, and composer, Figueroa Manas has absorbed and expanded a wide range of music, now writing scores for video games, films, jazz, and concert works from small ensemble to orchestra. The Rhapsodia Andina, originally scored for harpsichord and oboe d'amore but presented here for flute (or violin) and piano, evokes the rhythms and dynamics of native Argentine folk music.

    For advanced players.

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