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  • de Roye, E :: Three Movements

    Evarist de Roye's Three Movements for flute and piano join a group of concert miniatures in threes that many are familiar with - that of the Schumann Romances, Godard Suite, and Foss American Pieces. De Roye's delightful Three Movements, like the Schumann, are simple on first glance - but the melodies and swirls of notes within are so carefully composed that the appeal and level of music quickly becomes evident.

    Metropolis Music presents Evarist de Roye's Three Movements as part of the Belgian Repertoire Series. This new repertoire series (ranging from solo repertoire to chamber works) draws from the best of the old Metropolis catalogue. Notably, this repertoire series includes a large number of compositions written as required works for conservatories throughout Europe. Though most musicians are more familiar with the concours titles from the Conservatoire de Paris, these works written for the Belgian schools are as complex - and as musically intriguing - as their Parisian counterparts and range from simple sight-reading solo works to rich, multi-layered quintets and concertos.

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  • Debussy, C :: Sonata in sol minore L140 [Sonata in G Minor]

    The bewitching timbre magic of the last Debussy makes this sonata a highly engaging masterpiece.

    The transcription from violin to flute slips away without fractures in an ideal continuity that guides us from the Prelude to Syrinx. An essential enrichment in chamber literature for flute and piano.

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  • Lejet, E :: Emeraude et Rubis [Emerald and Ruby]
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    Lejet, E :: Emeraude et Rubis [Emerald and Ruby]

    Emeraude et Rubis for 2 flutes by composer Edith Lejet. 

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  • Pachelbel, J :: Canon
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    Pachelbel, J :: Canon

    Pachelbel, J

    A beautiful and creative arrangement of the wedding favorite Pachelbel's Canon in D for flute with piano accompaniment. Intermediate in difficulty.

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  • Pachelbel, J :: Canon in D Major
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    Pachelbel, J :: Canon in D Major

    Canon in D Major
    Pachelbel, J
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  • Pachelbel, J :: Pachelbel Canon

    Pachelbel Canon

    Pachelbel, J


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  • Paganini, N :: Caprice XXIV
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    Paganini, N :: Caprice XXIV

    Caprice XXIV
    Paganini, N

    Niccolo Paganini's 'Caprice No. 24' is a set of variations based upon the version of Franz Liszt and transcribed for flute and piano by Lambros Demetrios Callimahos. It is in the key of A minor and is classified as easy by Schott editions.

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  • Paganini, N :: Etude tiree du Mouvement Perpetuel de Paganini [Study from Perpetual Motion by Paganini]
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    Paganini, N :: Etude tiree du Mouvement Perpetuel de Paganini [Study from Perpetual Motion by Paganini]

    Etude tiree du Mouvement Perpetuel de Paganini [Study from Perpetual Motion by Paganini]
    Paganini, N
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  • Paget, D :: Two Sentimental Rags

    Two Sentimental Rags

    Paget, D

    2 Sentimental Rags, Wisteria and Victoria.

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  • Paggi, G :: Rimembranze Napoletane
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    Paggi, G :: Rimembranze Napoletane

    Rimembranze Napoletane
    Paggi, G
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  • Pann, C :: Double Espresso!

    Double Espresso! was written as a gift to flutist Christina Jennings in 2017. It is a 2-minute encore piece flung forward at break-neck speed. True to the work’s title, the flutist zips through a multitude of unwinding ribbons in a frenzied, caffeinated state while the piano sizzles and crackles underneath. For advanced performers. Dur.: 2’

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  • Pann, C :: Giantess

    Carter Pan’s Giantess was commissioned by the Flute New Music Consortium for simultaneous ‘copremieres’ by many consortium members in early March 2018. The composer has written, ‘The flute presents a far-reaching melody that seemingly never ends and explores the entire range of the instrument at all times. It is this quality of the melodic line that inspired the title of the work… the image of a larger-than-life gigantic performer who has the ability to make the flute expand in range, timbre, and volume, breaking the bounds well beyond its humble size.’ The phantasmagoric 9-minute work is cast in one rhapsodic movement.

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  • Pann, C :: My Cross

    My Cross 

    Pann, C

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  • Paque, D :: Un chant de flute pour Orphee
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    Paque, D :: Un chant de flute pour Orphee

    Desire Paque presents Un chant de flute pour Orphee for flute and piano.

    The Chant, though deceptively simple in structure, is a lush soliloquy that allows the flutist to luxuriate in their sound and in clear, quasi-Impressionist melody. Originally written for flute and string orchestra, this reduction by the composer expertly matches the piano's tone to the flute's.

    Duration: 6'55.

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  • Parry, E :: Micro Etudes

    Micro Etudes

    Parry, E

    Make daily technique practice a pleasure– not a chore. Micro Etudes covers all the main elements of good technique, through short, melodic, and highly focused miniature studies in keys up to four sharps and flats.  Micro Etudes aims to make practice enjoyable and so increase motivation. Every micro-etude, in every key, and at every tempo option, has a free downloadable piano accompaniment to make practice a truly musical experience. The principles of Micro Etudes are based on research into proven strategies for progress through successful practice. A detailed introduction provides guidance on how to use the book effectively.

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  • Pasatieri, T :: Sonata
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    Pasatieri, T :: Sonata

    Pasatieri, T
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  • Pascal, C :: Concerto

    Claude Pascal presents the Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra in a reduction for flute and piano.

    The three-movement Concerto, full of fresh neo-classical writing, is a dynamic, idiomatic showpiece for flute that has sadly disappeared from current repertoire. The delicate first movement, full of almost Ponchielli-like writing, entertains and engages with ultra-precise melodies and the flute floating over the piano in a quasi-pastorale. The second movement, opening with a touch of jazz in the piano introduction, plays with the flute's longer melodic tendencies - though still quite delicately. The final movement, more lushly neo-classical, pairs the classic Reinecke moto-perpetuo showstopper feel with more playful ballet-type music, lyrical and enchanting - true ballet music in all but name.

    Duration: 13'10. For the advanced player.

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  • Pascal, C :: Six Pieces Variees

    Six Pieces Variees

    Pascal, C

    Six Pieces Variess for flute and piano by Claude Pascal

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  • Pasek B, Paul J :: A Million Dreams

    A Million Dreams

    Pasek B, Paul J

    Hal Leonard presents 'A Million Dreams' for solo flute and piano from the major motion picture 'The Greatest Showman'.

    This entertaining solo for flute and piano is perfect for the intermediate flutists who want to expand their pop music collection!

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  • Patriarca, ED :: Microphonies
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    Patriarca, ED :: Microphonies

    Patriarca, ED

    Eduardo Luis Patriarca presents this collection of five small pieces for flute and piano that explore contemporary techniques in clever, intriguing ways. The rich, neo-romantic piano accompaniment provides a solid base against which to create rich harmonics, pitch bends, singing while playing, multiphonics, air sounds, and percussive mouth effects. For players learning extended techniques.

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