Introduced at the National Flute Association convention in New Orleans in 1989, the Goosman Butterfly Headjoint has enjoyed remarkable success among the flute playing community. The Butterfly Headjoint is noted for its big, clean sound and amazing responsiveness.

The Butterfly design works by managing the player’s airstream, reducing the "outside" resistance and allowing air to enter the blow hole at a faster rate. By allowing the air to enter the blow hole at a faster rate, responsiveness is increased dramatically, especially in the low register and the attack note. Each Butterfly Headjoint features a unique hand burnished tube and cast embouchure. Hand burnishing is a lengthy and labor intensive process that results in a headjoint that is more vibrant. The embouchure wall and lip plate cast as a single piece of metal results in a lip plate that is much heavier than traditionally configured lip plates. The weight of the casting has a beneficial effect on the way the tube vibrates.