Robert Dick Glissando Headjoint

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General - The Glissando Headjoint®

Robert Dick's Glissando Headjoint®, like many of Robert Dick's publications, teachings, and creations, is designed to expand the flutist's musical arsenal. Initially inspired by the electric guitar's whammy bar and the slides and effects it made possible, the Glissando Headjoint was brought to full creation by Eva Kingma, Kaspar Beachi, and Bickford Brannen for use in 21st Century music, blues, rock, and jazz.

The Design

In a practical sense, the Glissando Headjoint functions as a traditional flute with added effects; in its home position it can be played as a traditional Boehm instrument for classical repertoire. When the slide is used, however, completely smooth glisses between notes become possible up to a major third in distance, depending on the length of the air column in the flute; short air columns, such as middle C, will gliss the furthest (down to Ab), where long air columns such as low B will gliss down a whole step to a strong low A. Many possibilities in contemporary repertoire (and in classical violin repertoire, for example, for the consummate transcriber) subsequently become available with this liquid approach to pitch.

To accomplish this effect, two wings extend from the headjoint to rest against the cheeks and enable the headjoint to easily follow your embouchure. The carefully positioned center of weight of the headjoint also allows the flute to feel balanced in your hands whether in home position or in full slide. The inner headjoint itself (nestled inside the carrier tube so that it can slide) is sterling silver with a contemporary tone hole cut for ease of expression and a solid, large sound that resonates clearly.

Robert Dick's Glissando Headjoint®, as with most headjoints, can be sized to particular flutes if required.

  • Manufacturer
    Robert Dick
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