Mixed Quartet or Ensemble (>=5)

  • Alpaerts, F :: Avondmuziek [Evening Music]

    Avondmuziek [Evening Music]

    Alpaerts, F

    Flor Alaperts presents Avondmuziek (Evening Music), Serenades for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 3 clarinets in A, and 2 bassoons. Symphonic in scope, the two Serenades (Lento - Allegretto and Scherzando) display this wind octet at their thickly Romantic best.

    Duration: 15'.

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  • Bach, JC :: Quintett D-Dur [Quintet in D Major]

    Quintett D-Dur [Quintet in D Major]

    Bach, JC

    One of the most charming works by the London Bach is the present chamber music quintet. This quintet is probably one of the first compositions of its time to use an obbligato harpsichord in chamber music with larger instrumentation. The inclusion of two wind instruments and two strings lends a particular color to the composition. Each instrument is given ample opportunity for prominence in solo passages.

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  • Bach, JS :: Sechs brandenburgische Konzerte [Six Brandenburg Concertos] BWV 1046-1051

    Sechs brandenburgische Konzerte [Six Brandenburg Concertos] BWV 1046-1051

    Bach, JS

    The six Brandenburg Concertos BWV 1046-1051, prized jewels of the world's musical heritage, were written in 1721 during Bach s appointment in Cothen. Of the six works, Bach originally wrote earlier versions of numbers 1 and 5 which differ not only with regard to articulation but also at times different tones, different rhythms, instrumentation and of course form.

    The New Bach Edition is an Urtext edition offering the world of scholarship a reliable musical text which is equally useful in performance. Prepared with the most exacting methods of source criticism, it has set new standards for modern scholarly-critical editions in the latter half of the 20th century. Work on the New Bach Edition led to the rediscovery of lost compositions and resolved many questions of authenticity in the Bach canon. Most of all, however, the close study of the sources has occasioned a large-scale revision of the chronology of Bach's life, thereby forming the basis for a new image of the composer in our time.

    In each series, the volumes not only contain those works by Bach which have survived intact but also those existing as fragments. In addition to a preface, each musical volume presents a selection of the relevant sources in facsimile. It is also accompanied by a separately published critical report (German text) describing all the extant sources for each work and the manner in which they interrelate. The report also gathers together all the known facts regarding the work s genesis and lists the most important variant readings.

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  • Bach, PDQ :: Capriccio 'La Pucelle de New Orleans' ('The Maid of New Orleans') (S. under 18)
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    Bach, PDQ :: Capriccio 'La Pucelle de New Orleans' ('The Maid of New Orleans') (S. under 18)

    Capriccio 'La Pucelle de New Orleans' ('The Maid of New Orleans') (S. under 18)
    Bach, PDQ
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  • Bach, PDQ :: Echo Sonata (S. 9999999)

    Echo Sonata (S. 9999999)

    Bach, PDQ

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  • Bach, PDQ :: Fugue of the Volga Boatmen (S. 1-2-3-Grunt)

    Fugue of the Volga Boatmen (S. 1-2-3-Grunt)

    Bach, PDQ

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  • Bach, PDQ :: Octoot (S. 8)

    Octoot (S. 8)

    Bach, PDQ

    Octoot (S.8)

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  • Bach, PDQ :: Schleptet in E flat Major (S. 0)

    Schleptet in E flat Major (S. 0)

    Bach, PDQ

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  • Bach, PDQ :: The Musical Sacrifice (S. 50% off)
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    Bach, PDQ :: The Musical Sacrifice (S. 50% off)

    The Musical Sacrifice (S. 50% off)
    Bach, PDQ
    Written by the famed Peter Schickele under the psuedonym PDQ Bach, this work pays is a spoof on JS Bach's The Musical Offering. With full program notes and instructions for performance this work will keep you audience in stitches. Written for flute/piccolo, oboe, bassoon, trombone (tenor/bass), Violin and Contrabass.
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  • Bach, PDQ :: Trio (sic) Sonata S. 3(4)

    Trio (sic) Sonata S. 3(4)

    Bach, PDQ

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  • Barr, S :: Monuments of the West

    Monuments of the West

    Barr, S

    The four movements of Monuments of the West, played without pause, are intended as a series of images evoking the scenery, distinct character, and frontier beginnings of four of America s greatest National Parks: Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. Composed for the unique combination of Flute and Tuba-Euphonium quartet, this work was written for flutist Kathy Melago and premiered in September 2017 at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania.

    Instrumentation: Flute, 2 Euphoniums, 2 Tubas.

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  • Beglarian, E :: Five Things

    Five Things by Eve Beglarian for spoken voice, flute, baritone sax, and optional woodblocks, was written in October, 2001. 

    This is a special printed edition of Five Things made for the 2018 National Flute Association Convention. The text is Thomas Cleary’s translation of a Song Dynasty (10th to 13th century) letter to a Zen Master named Xiang. 

    "While I originally envisioned the piece for flute, bassoon, and woodblock, it has been successfully performed by a number of different configurations of instruments. I’m open to re-orchestrating it for your ensemble." -Eve Beglarian 

    Intermediate in difficulty, this work is a beautiful edition to any flutist’s library. Eve Beglarian is a 21st century American composer.

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  • Blank, A :: Polymorphics


    Blank, A

    Allan Blank's Polymorphics (1988) was commissioned by Currents, University of Richmond, Dr. Fred Cohen, Artistic Director and funded by a grant from the Virginia Commission of the Arts. The work, scored for double woodwind quintet, is in three movements. The instrumentation is for flutes 1 and 2, oboes 1 and 2, clarinets in A 1 and 2, F horns 1 and 2, and bassoons 1 and 2, with the score in C.

    From the composer:

    'The title reflects a concern I had, during its composition, to invent multiple melodic formations that unfold in a rich and expressive way without losing the thrust and believability of the overall line. Since this is not a work that pits one quintet against another, it is suggested that the seating be arranged semi-circular in groups of two for like instruments.'

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  • Bolling, C :: Picnic Suite

    Picnic Suite

    Bolling, C

    Claude Bolling's Picnic Suite, transcribed by the composer for flute, guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

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  • Bonis, M :: Septett
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    Bonis, M :: Septett


    Bonis, M

    Mel Bonis presents the stunning Septett (or Septuor Fantaisie ou Concerto) for two flutes, string quartet, and piano.

    The Septett is, like Melanie Bonis' first piano quartet, an extraordinarily developed work; thought through to the last bar, elaborate, harmonically varied, and ranging in sound from late romantic to impressionism at the limits of tonality.

    Duration:  12'40. For advanced players.

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  • Borodin, A :: Quatuor en re majeur [Quartet in D major]
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    Borodin, A :: Quatuor en re majeur [Quartet in D major]

    Quatuor en re majeur [Quartet in D major]

    Borodin, A

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  • Boyce, W :: Symphony No. 8 - 1st Movement
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    Boyce, W :: Symphony No. 8 - 1st Movement

    Symphony No. 8 - 1st Movement
    Boyce, W

    A composer, arranger, and master organist of the 18th century, William Boyce was popular in the English baroque era. When the new music of Mozart, J.C. Bach, and others overtook the public ear, Boyce's works were neglected and were only rediscovered in the early 20th century by Constant Lambert, who would champion his works. The eight symphonies (most of which were originally vocal or stage works) were first published in a modern edition in 1928 and have enjoyed a rebirth on the musical scene. His symphonies, in particular, are now acknowledged to be among the most played and most loved of any English Baroque musical works. Of the symphonies, only the eighth was originally conceived as an orchestral work. In Thorne's arrangement, the first movement (Pomposo/Allegro) becomes a wonderful program piece for large wind ensemble. For advanced ensembles.

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  • Brahms, J :: Serenade No. 2 in A Major, Op. 16

    Serenade No. 2 in A Major, Op. 16

    Brahms, J

    Brahms' Serenade No. 2, as described by Clara Schumann: 'I cannot find words to express the joy it gives me; it is miraculously beautiful.' A major work for this unique ensemble. Five movements in total.

    Arranged by Mark Popkin for double wind quintet and string bass.

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  • Brahms, J :: Serenade, Op. 11: Fourth Movement

    Serenade, Op. 11: Fourth Movement

    Brahms, J

    This work, Brahms' first orchestral publication which was arranged by the composer for eight string and wind instruments, justifies the present transcriptions for wind sextet. The Fourth Movement consists of two charming Minuets scored for winds.

    Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons

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  • Brahms, J :: Sextet in G Major, Op. 36

    Sextet in G Major, Op. 36

    Brahms, J

    Brahms' Sextet in G Major was originally published in 1865 for strings, with a dedicatory phrase appears in the first movement - A-G-A-D-B-E - referring to a woman with whom Brahms fell in love named Agathe von Seebolt. The composer referred to this passage, saying, 'With this, I freed myself from my last love.'

    Instrumentation: 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets (B-flat/A), 2 Horns, 2 Bassoons.

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