Piccolo Alone or 2 Piccolos

  • Amlin, M :: Ephemeropterae
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    Amlin, M :: Ephemeropterae

    Amlin, M
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  • Anonymous :: The Bird Fancyer's Delight
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    Anonymous :: The Bird Fancyer's Delight

    The Bird Fancyer's Delight

    For Piccolo Solo. Pieces written for birds to learn! Collected in 1717.

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  • Barnett, C :: Legend
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    Barnett, C :: Legend

    Legend is based on the composer's experience as a player of flute duet and etudes, desiring to write a piece containing the harmonic variety and surprise that was never found in those musical forms. There are elements both old and new, and even some chirping birds (though they are quickly turned into something else...) Legend was premiered by Walfrid and Sherry Kujala, piccolos, and Robert Pherigo, piano, on November 10, 1992, in Evanston, Illinois.

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  • Beaumadier, J-L :: Exercices pour la flute piccolo [Exercises for the Piccolo]
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    Beaumadier, J-L :: Exercices pour la flute piccolo [Exercises for the Piccolo]

    Exercices pour la flute piccolo [Exercises for the Piccolo]
    Beaumadier, J-L
    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Bertrand, E :: Sonatine
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    Bertrand, E :: Sonatine

    Elise Betrand presents the Sonatine for piccolo alone. In four movements:

    1. Adagio (2'20″)
    2. Largo (2'30″)
    3. Intermezzo – Lento (ca. 2')
    4. Rondo – Vivace (1'30″)

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  • Blank, A :: Ariel
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    Blank, A :: Ariel

    Blank, A

    Allen Blank's Ariel: Four Sketches for Solo Piccolo was inspired by the first entrance of Ariel, an airy spirit, in The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Addressing Propero, Ariel says: 'All hail, great Master! Grave sir, hail! I come to answer thy best pleasure; be't to fly, to swim, to dive into the fire, to ride on the curl'd clouds...'

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  • Boeuf, G :: Sept Preludes [Seven Preludes]
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    Boeuf, G :: Sept Preludes [Seven Preludes]

    Sept Preludes [Seven Preludes]
    Boeuf, G
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  • Borwick, D :: Desperate Measures: Diary of One Mad Mother
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    Borwick, D :: Desperate Measures: Diary of One Mad Mother

    Desperate Measures: Diary of One Mad Mother
    Borwick, D

    For Piccolo Solo. The movements are inspired by watching a mother live through the day in a multiple-child household: Morning, Moto Perpetuo, Afternoon, Evening, Reverie.

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  • Bresnick, M :: High Art
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    Bresnick, M :: High Art

    High Art
    Bresnick, M
    Bresnick High Art for Piccolo Solo with optional toy piano.
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  • Buck, O :: Petaki
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    Buck, O :: Petaki

    Buck, O
    Petaki was published in 1983. Written for 2 piccolos, it takes 2 minutes to perform. The composer, Ole Buck,was born in Copenhagen on Feb. 1, 1945. He began to compose as a student in Copenhagen's Boy Choir. At 12 he started studying piano. He was known as an artist who wanted to follow his own way, and for the clarity, simplicity and strange colorfulness of his music.
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  • Burke Jr, R :: Piccolo Polka
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    Burke Jr, R :: Piccolo Polka

    Piccolo Polka
    Burke Jr, R
    Piccolo Polka for 2 Piccolos and Piano
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  • Calabri, L :: Three Pieces for Solo Piccolo
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    Calabri, L :: Three Pieces for Solo Piccolo

    Three Pieces for Solo Piccolo
    Calabri, L
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  • Chamberlain, N :: Death Whistle
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    Chamberlain, N :: Death Whistle

    Nicole Chamberlain presents Death Whistle for piccolo alone.

    Death Whistle was commissioned by Dr. Elizabeth Robinson. The piccolo is notorious in the orchestra for its incredibly high pitches, and gets a bad rap for intonation issues; it takes a brave soul to consider playing the piccolo and a person of questionable character to love it.

    The first movement, Ear Knife, spotlights the piccolo's ability to cut through with its razor sharp high notes. The second movement, Ballistophobia, is the fear of being shot. Every piccoloist knows the joke ‘How do you tune two piccolos? You shoot one’. The final movement is #PiccolOhMyGod, which is the hastag used on Twitter by the composer and commissioner when discussing the woes of piccolo playing and composing.

    Let's hope everyone makes it out alive after this performance.

    Duration: 6’. For the advanced player.

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  • Chamberlain, N :: Mimic
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    Chamberlain, N :: Mimic

    Chamberlain, N

    Chamberlain s Mimic was written for the Wilderness Act Performance Series in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Wilderness Act of 1964. During the residency, the composer spend days exploring the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance s nature preserves which included Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve, Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, and Bush Mountain at the Outdoor Activity Center. There are abundance of birds living in the parks, which became the inspiration for this piece for two piccolos.

    Mimic uses calls from the Eastern Towee, Tufted Titmouse, and the Brown Headed Nut-hatch to capture the spirit of the native Georgia birds responding to one another. One bird is seen, but the other bird is hidden and distant; the second piccolo is hidden or offstage.

    For advanced players.

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  • Cooman, C :: A Piccolo Celebration
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    Cooman, C :: A Piccolo Celebration

    A Piccolo Celebration
    Cooman, C
    The work begins lyrically and expansively. After melodic development of the initial ideas, an extremely fast and rhythmically driving section emerges. Another lyrical/slow section interrupts and a final fast section then occurs.
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  • Cummings, B :: Little Suite No. 2
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    Cummings, B :: Little Suite No. 2

    Little Suite No. 2
    Cummings, B

    The Little Suite No. 2 for Solo Piccolo was written for piccolo virtuoso Zart Dombourian-Eby after hearing her incredible recording on the Crystal Record label. The piece explores the full range of the piccolo and its five movements explore a variety of styles. The piece is an exciting and challenging composition that features a variety of styles and is fun to both perform and hear.

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  • Damase, J-M :: Insectes [Insects]
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    Damase, J-M :: Insectes [Insects]

    Insectes [Insects]
    Damase, J-M
    Insects - 4 pieces for piccolo solo.
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  • Daniels, J :: Gold Rush Suite
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    Daniels, J :: Gold Rush Suite

    Gold Rush Suite
    Daniels, J

    For Piccolo Solo. The Gold Rush Suite offers three solos (Song of the Picc Ax, The Braying Burro Waltz, Eureka!) with a variety of different musical styles that will help to motivate and challenge piccolo players of any age. This suite is designed to provide both practice and recital material for intermediate and advanced level students.

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  • Dick, R :: Gravity's Ghost
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    Dick, R :: Gravity's Ghost

    Gravity's Ghost
    Dick, R
    Gravity's Ghost is inspired by the Mississippi Delta fife and drum music, most notably that of Otha Turner.
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  • Dillon, J :: Diffraction
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    Dillon, J :: Diffraction

    Dillon, J
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