Piccolo & Accompaniment

  • Adams, J :: Songbirdsongs


    Adams, J

    Delightful small songs, echoing rare moments and places where the voices of birds have been clear.

    Scored for piccolo(s) and percussion, with optional additional parts included.

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  • Albert, A :: Piccolodeon


    Albert, A

    Piccolodeon is a duet for piccolo and piano that expresses the mood and sonority of the 'nickelodeon,' an early 20th-century arcade instrument used for silent movies, carousels, and vaudeville theater. The piece begins as a playful ragtime with the instruments in sync. Gradually, the ensemble unravels to the point where it s a toss-up as to which player is off. This musical gem is full of surprise and delight!

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  • Altes, H :: Les chants du rossignol op. 11 [The Songs of the Nightingale op. 11]

    Les chants du rossignol op. 11 [The Songs of the Nightingale op. 11]

    Altes, H

    From the publisher, Gerard Billaudot and the Jean-Louis Beaumadier collection, Henri Altes’ Les chants du rossignol (The Songs of the Nightingale) opus 11 for flute and piano, is beautifully presented here for piccolo and piano. In three movements: Prelude, Chant d’amour (Love Song), and La plainte (The Complaint), Altes depicts the complexity and depth of a Nightingale’s songs. Altes demand utmost control in all registers, embouchure flexibility, clean articulation, and breath support, as well as exceptional technical facility through this nine minutes in length work. Henri Altes was a prolific 19th century French composer, flutist and pedagogue.

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  • Amlin, M :: Concerto


    Amlin, M

    Concerto for Piccolo

    • $30.00
  • Amlin, M :: In Memoriam C.D.H.

    In Memoriam C.D.H.

    Amlin, M

    Carl David Hall was piccoloist of the Atlanta Symphony for 32 years and a dear friend to all his colleagues. In 1999, the NFA commissioned Martin Amlin to compose a piccolo concerto for Carl to premiere at their annual convention. Today, Amlin remembers Carl Hall with this 4-minute poem, a microcosm for flute and strings (also to be premiered at the NFA's 2016 convention), published here in a setting for piccolo and piano. For advanced performers.

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  • Amlin, M :: Sonata


    Amlin, M

    Sonata for Piccolo and Piano

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  • Amlin, M :: Sonatina Piccola

    Sonatina Piccola

    Amlin, M

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  • Bach, PDQ :: Sonata Piccola

    Sonata Piccola

    Bach, PDQ

    Commissioned by piccoloist Lawrence Trott, this work was written by the famed Peter Schickele under the pseudonym PDQ Bach. As with most works by PDQ Bach it is sure to amuse any audience.

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  • Baksa, R :: Piccolo Sonata

    Piccolo Sonata

    Baksa, R

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  • Balleron, L :: The Noisy Bird
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    Balleron, L :: The Noisy Bird

    The Noisy Bird
    Balleron, L
    The Noisy Bird [L'Oiseau Tapageur] Rondo - Polka for Piccolo and Piano
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  • Bartok, B :: Suite for Piccolo and Piano op. 6

    Suite for Piccolo and Piano op. 6

    Bartok, B

    For Piccolo and Piano. Three stunning and characteristic Bartok adaptations.

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  • Beaser, R :: Souvenirs
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    Beaser, R :: Souvenirs

    Beaser, R
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  • Beaser, R :: Souvenirs
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    Beaser, R :: Souvenirs

    Beaser, R

    Robert Beaser writes: Souvenirs, for piccolo and piano, was commissioned by the piccolo committee of the National Flute Association. I collected the ideas for Souvenirs' six movements over the course of the late '90s and finally composed the work in earnest during the summer and fall of 2001. From the outset of the process I understood that I wanted to write a work which continued in the path of my Mountain Songs for flute and guitar (1985)--one which explored folk elements reformatted in one way or another. In the earlier work I explicitly took extant and some- times well-known Appalachian tunes and processed them through reinvented harmonies, materials and architectures. Souvenirs comes from more disparate sources, including Mountain Songs itself (Cindy Redux being a piano version of Cindy). Three of the six songs are com- pletely original, two are based on folk tunes and one is an invented Trope on a Lorca transcription of a Spanish folk song (The Four Mules) -- discovered, lost and re-remembered.

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  • Beglarian, E :: Tower of Ivory
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    Beglarian, E :: Tower of Ivory

    Tower of Ivory, for piccolo and pre-recorded track, is one of a series of pieces in an ongoing project called Where Your Treasure Is, about the gradual decay of a large painting of an Irish burial mound. Each piece in the four-part series is a meditation on a text from James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The music for Tower of Ivory takes off from an Irish traditional tin whistle tune known as Salamanca.

    • $31.50
  • Benshoof, K :: Concerto in Three Movements

    Concerto in Three Movements

    Benshoof, K

    Commissioned by the National Flute Association, this Concerto in Three Movements was premiered during the 44th Annual NFA Convention in San Diego, featuring Jennifer Gunn, piccolo and the Pacific Coast Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ransom Wilson.

    • $20.00
  • Benshoof, K :: Spindrift


    Benshoof, K

    Benshoof Spindrift for Piccolo and Piano

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  • Benshoof, K :: Timeless

    Scattered throughout the piece are elements of George Gershwin's Embraceable You. They appear sometimes as fragments and at other times as harmonic progressions. The storyline structure of the piece is very simple; it is a romance with a little dancing in the middle. The first and last sections feel delicate, tender, suspended in time. Other areas are more sensual and lyrical. The composer recommends a freely expressive and rhapsodic style of performance.

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  • Bliss, M :: Rima


    Bliss, M

    Rima for piccolo and piano is based on a character from William Henry Hudson's 1904 novel Green Mansions. Set in the Amazon, Green Mansions features the character of a girl-creature of the forest who communicates in a bird-like language. In Rima the piccolo portrays the character during the course of a day, from the first stirrings of dawn, through the animation of midday, to the bittersweet quiet of dusk.

    Rima was commissioned and premiered by the Piccolo Committee of the National Flute Association. This is the revised second edition.

    For advanced players. Includes score and part.

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  • Boetto, B :: Ambes
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    Boetto, B :: Ambes


    Boetto, B

    Proposed by Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Bernard Boetto’s Ambes is a challenging three minute conversation between the piccolo and piano. Boetto requires excellent counting and rhythmic precision. Ambes is an exercise in control. The majority of this piece is quite soft, only for Boetto to surprise the ear with stark dynamic contrasts. This short work is dramatic, riveting and an essential addition to any piccoloists music library.

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  • Boisson, F :: Pipelette
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    Boisson, F :: Pipelette


    Boisson, F

    Revised by Jean-Louis Baumadier, Felix Boisson’s Pipelette Polka ‘triple tonguing study’ is a delightful showpiece that serves as both an encore and an exercise in triple tonguing articulation. This Polka dances about with a nimble grace, and the majority of this piece lies in the middle to high register of the piccolo. Pipelette Polka is approximately five minutes in length and an essential addition to any piccoloists music library.

    • $16.19
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