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    Aurumite 9k, Aurumite 14k, Aurumite 14k w/14k gold lip, Ruby Aurumite
  • Headjoint Cut
    Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti

Each Powell flute has a unique character, yet all bear a family resemblance. Powell instruments are made with care to exacting tolerances and, ultimately, a Powell flute or piccolo is crafted to a musical performance standard. From the first flute made in 1906 by Verne Q. Powell to today's Powell flute, the humanity of each artisan at Powell is reflected in the character of the instrument. The feel of a key or the aesthetic of a pointed arm are the subtle and telltale signs of the individuality of the flutemaker.

The most important part of the flute, a hand-cut headjoint can improve any instrument and can offer a player many new options for sound and response. Each handmade Powell headjoint is cut by hand and tested by a professional flutist at Powell’s workshop.

The patented Powell Aurumite 9k and 14k headjoints are constructed with tubes made from Sterling silver and either 9k Rose gold or 14k gold, bonded together. All models are available in four headjoint styles (cuts).


Aurumite 9K: Sterling silver inside tube; 9k Rose gold outside tube; total wall thickness is 0.016; Sterling silver riser; 9k Rose gold lip plate

Aurumite 14K: Sterling silver outside tube; 14k gold inside tube; total wall thickness is 0.014; 14k gold riser; Sterling silver lip plate

Aurumite 14K; 14K gold lip: Sterling silver outside tube; 14k gold inside tube; total wall thickness is 0.014; 14k gold lip and riser

Ruby Aurumite: 14k Rose gold outside tube; Sterling silver inside tube; total wall thickness is 0.016; 14k gold lip and riser; Sterling crown set with Ruby

Headjoint Cut Styles


Powell’s newest headjoint style, the Lumina, has a clean and energetic sound that moves quickly throughout the range with little effort. The Lumina is described as being ‘supple, yet responsive’. This is a headjoint with style and panache.


The Philharmonic headjoint is readily identified by its broader embouchure plate, which makes it the most resistant of the styles offered by Powell. Articulation is crisp and clean, and this style is capable of broad dynamic and timbral ranges. A player can create a rich tone with extraordinary carrying power and focus.


The Soloist headjoint is the newest addition to the headjoint styles offered by Powell. This new style was developed in collaboration with renowned flutist, Ransom Wilson. The Soloist headjoint features strength and flexibility. It offers a strong sound which allows the player to fill a hall, as well as complete command for performing the quietest of passages. The embouchure plate, which is similar to the Boston style, provides the player with quick, responsive articulation while a new style of undercutting gives the headjoint its strong, full color.


The name "Venti" encapsulates the concept of a headjoint that allows air to pass freely through the instrument and beyond, giving the performer variations of flexibility, dynamics, power and sound. Powell has worked with international flautist, Paul Edmund-Davies to develop this latest headjoint style. Mr. Edmund-Davies became interested in the development of this style due to the prospect of playing on a headjoint that mirrored his experiences of singing in a cathedral choir. Paul's concept of a natural approach to the instrument incorporates an open and unrestricted style, with reference in particular to a more resonant and free 3rd octave. The result is a headjoint that allows for depth of sound through all three octaves, even pitch and dynamic range, as well as a sound that is powerful without being wild or breaking up.

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
    Aurumite 9k, Aurumite 14k, Aurumite 14k w/14k gold lip, Ruby Aurumite
  • Headjoint Cut
    Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti
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