Dana Sheridan began building flutes in 1972 while studying music composition at the Berklee School in Boston, Massachusetts. He worked with the Wm. S. Haynes, Verne Q. Powell and Brannen Brothers flute companies before introducing Sheridan flutes and head joints in 1982. Dana lives and works in Cologne, Germany as well as maintains a workshop in Boston, where he works several times during the year.

Until recently, he consulted with the Gemeinhardt Company, giving them a headjoint design for them to produce a "Dana Sheridan Series" headjoint for their Brio Flute. Despite claims by many dealers, these headjoints were not made by Dana Sheridan, but rather by the Gemeinhardt Company.

Sheridan head joints are meticulously hand crafted to produce an even, responsive sound in all registers. They offer a wide range of tonal and dynamic possibilities with stable pitch, ease of articulation and provide a balanced resistance to produce a warm, flexible sound.