Sonare Flute PS-905 (New)

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    PS-905BGF (Bft, inline), PS-905BOF (Bft, offset), PS-905BEF (Bft, offset, split E), PS-905BOF# (Bft, offset, C# trill)

The flute headjoint accounts for over 50% of a flute's acoustical value. Until now, the choice was to buy a professional quality flute for thousands of dollars or to buy a student flute and get student quality output. Sonaré offers a better choice! The Sonaré flute marries a fine, quality flute body with the hand-cut Signature Headjoint of Verne Q. Powell Flutes. For over 75 years, the instruments of Powell have been held in the highest esteem by professional flutists throughout the world. The full, rich tones of the Powell headjoint make the Sonaré a pleasure to play, as well as a great value. Experience the spirit of music with Sonaré and approach your next performance with complete confidence in your instrument. Sonaré is instant flute, put it together and it goes.

"The immediate response and quality sound of the Sonaré flute have to be a dream for a student". ~ Paul Edmund-Davies (Principal Flute, London Symphony Orchestra)

All Sonaré PS-905 flute models include the following features:

  • handmade Sterling silver Powell Signature II headjoint with Aurumite 9K lip plate and crown
  • Sterling silver body with Aurumite 9K barrel
  • silver-plated, nickel-silver mechanism
  • open hole
  • pointed tone arms
  • patented Gold Seal™ trill pads
  • gizmo key
  • A=442 pitch
  • .016 medium tubing
  • B foot


  • Manufacturer
  • Flute Options
    PS-905BGF (Bft, inline), PS-905BOF (Bft, offset), PS-905BEF (Bft, offset, split E), PS-905BOF# (Bft, offset, C# trill)

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