Sonaré flutes are based on Verne Powell’s concept of the Ardeleve flute, developed in 1951 by placing a Powell headjoint on a flute made in France. Since 2002, this idea has allowed Powell Sonaré to offer a range of instruments that allow the player to perform with the renowned, professional Powell Sound virtuosity at a step-up flute price.

To maintain acoustical quality, the Powell Sonaré C flutes are designed to retain some of the design features of the Powell Signature flute. Sonaré C flutes feature a body made using the patented Zinki technology and a handmade, Sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint; both manufactured at Powell's Massachusetts workshop.

The Powell Sonaré alto flute features a Sterling silver straight or curved headjoint made at Powell’s Massachusetts workshop; choice of silver-plated (model AF-60) or Sterling silver (model AF-70) body; silver-plated, nickel-silver keys; pointed arms; ergonomically designed touch pieces; pitch A-442.

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D00PCPOWLSON850X Powell - Sonare Piccolo
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D00FLSONA500XXXX Sonare Flute PS-501/PS-505
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D00FLSONA600XXXX Sonare Flute PS-601
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D00FLSONA700XXXX Sonare Flute PS-705/PS-709
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D00FLSONA900XXXX1 Sonare Flute PS-905
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