Yamaha offers more than 100 models of flutes from student to professional, to custom, wood and alto and bass models for all levels of performers. Yamaha Standard Flutes represent the perfect combination of artistic excellence and technical perfection and have become a favorite among teachers because of their open sound and easy playability. Constructed of durable nickel-silver with neoprene bumpers for increased durability and fit, recent improvements include strengthened posts, accessible adjustment screws and body markings to assist in proper footjoint positioning. The Intermediate flutes offer the durability of the Standard Flutes yet produce greater resonance and have an enhanced embouchure for sensitive response and accurate intonation. The Professional Series flutes offer an exceptional tone, light touch and smooth key action at reasonable prices, while the Custom 800 and 900 Series offer Sterling silver, 9k,14k, or 18k gold flutes with soldered toneholes for the advanced professional. Finally, deep rich sounding Grenadilla wood flutes with hand cut headjoints and strengthening silver tenon rings are available. The Yamaha alto and bass flutes are world recognized for their agile response, precise intonation, and most notably their warm, beautiful sound.

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