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Founded in 1996 by visionary flutist and educator Carolyn Nussbaum, our company has become a trusted name among flutists worldwide for over 27 years. From aspiring beginners to seasoned professionals, we've consistently resonated with a shared love for music.

Harmonizing Your Musical Journey

Immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection of flutes, piccolos, headjoints, and accessories. Echoing your unique musical journey, our offerings cater to newcomers discovering their sound and virtuosos refining their artistry. From the budding beginner to the accomplished professional, our instruments are tailored to every stage of your musical odyssey, ensuring seamless adaptation to your growth.

Melding Craftsmanship with Mastery

We deeply appreciate the artistry and precision behind superior instruments. By collaborating with renowned flute makers globally, we present instruments that turn notes into captivating melodies. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures authentic performances.

Guided by Accomplished Musicians

Our team is more than a collection of employees—it's a collective of educated flute players, experienced musicians, and dedicated educators. We've lived and breathed the intricacies of your craft. Whether it's choosing an instrument or refining technique, we offer personalized insights and support for your musical journey.

Empowering Every Musician

We believe music knows no bounds. Our offerings accommodate various budgets, ensuring that superior instruments and resources are within reach for everyone, reinforcing that musical excellence is attainable by all.

An Expansive Sheet Music Collection

Diversify your repertoire with our vast sheet music collection. From solo pieces to mixed ensembles, classical to contemporary, we provide an array that satisfies all musical tastes. With constant updates, you'll always find both the latest works and timeless classics.

Expert Brand Authorized Repairs

Place your trust in our expert, brand-authorized repair team. From minor tweaks to major repairs, we ensure your instruments perform at their peak, so you can too.

Comprehensive Support for Flutists

Enhance your experience with our range of accessories, bags, and essentials. We provide everything, from cleaning kits to stands and tuners, reflecting our dedication to your comprehensive musical journey.

Discover Excellence in Every Flute

Explore new and pre-owned flutes, each play-tested and adjusted by professionals. With double warranties on our flutes, our confidence in their performance speaks volumes.

More than Just a Store

The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company is a sanctuary where music and community flourish. Dive into our legacy and see why we're a cherished destination for flutists globally.

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Browse our shop, book a consultation, or simply immerse yourself in the world of flutes. We're here for every note of your musical journey.

Carolyn Nussbaum - Owner

Master Flutist | Renowned Repair Specialist | Musical Visionary


Carolyn Nussbaum's journey into flute making and repair unfolded through immersive training, spanning over two and a half years, under the mentorship of esteemed flute artisans. Notably, her tutelage under Chris McKenna, a renowned expert in flute repair and piccolo craftsmanship, propelled her path to excellence. Successfully completing intensive technical training at Verne Q. Powell Flutes in Waltham, MA in 1994, Carolyn embarked on her lifelong commitment to instrument repair, eventually founding the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company in 1996.

Embodying a realm of expertise, Carolyn Nussbaum's repair proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum of flute brands, as authorized by all major manufacturers. Her commitment to preserving the integrity of these instruments is a hallmark of her craft.

Complementing her technical prowess, Carolyn's academic foundation includes Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees from the University of Houston, where she was nurtured by the guidance of Byron Hester. Furthering her quest for excellence, she pursued a Master of Arts degree in flute at the University of North Texas, studying under the esteemed Jacqueline Hofto and Kathy Chastain. Notably, Carolyn's exceptional journey initiated at the North Carolina School of the Arts under the mentorship of Phil Dunigan, catalyzing her enduring dedication to the art of flutes and music.

Carolyn Nussbaum's legacy of expertise, passion, and vision reverberates through her contributions to the world of flutes, inspiring musicians and instrument enthusiasts alike.

Mary Lyons - Flute Sales Manager

Flutist | Music Educator | Expert Advisor | Bass Flute Specialist | Art Aficionado 

45166308_10156394068372795_1978269972421410816_o.jpgMary Lyons stands as a beacon of dedication and expertise in the flute community. An accomplished flutist, her educational journey commenced with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Art from the University of North Texas in 1994, reflecting a keen aesthetic sensibility. This foundation seamlessly transitioned into the realm of music when Mary attained her Master of Arts in Music, with a specialization in Flute Pedagogy, from Texas Woman’s University in 2006. It was under the mentorship of Dr. Pam Youngblood that Mary honed her craft, embedding profound musical insights into her approach.

Beyond academia, Mary's passion resonates in her affiliations with esteemed ensembles. Since 2002, she has enriched the Brookhaven Flute Choir with her presence, and even earlier, in 2001, she became a pivotal member of the Flutes of the Spirit Flute Choir.

In 2003, the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company recognized Mary's vast expertise, ushering her into roles of increasing responsibility. Here, she has risen as the Instrument Inventory Manager and later as the Flute Sales Specialist, with a noteworthy specialization in bass flutes. Mary's tenure, marked by dedication and an unwavering commitment to flute education, positions her as an essential figure guiding flutists across all stages of their artistic journey.

Ana Plake - Flute Sales

Flutist | Dedicated Educator | Aspiring Scholar | Flute Sales Specialist


Ana Plake, a fervent flutist, embarked on her journey into the world of flute and music education from an early stage in her life. Her dedication and skill propelled her through a series of local, state, and national competitions, where she not only showcased her own talents but also assisted her peers in their musical pursuits. In 2021, Ana culminated her studies with a degree in Flute Performance from Lamar University Beaumont, mentored by Dr. Brielle Frost.

As a testament to her multidimensional aspirations, Ana aims to further her academic credentials with master's degrees in both Arts Administration and Biblical and Theological Studies. Beyond her academic pursuits, she takes pride in her role as a music educator. Her expertise in imparting private flute lessons is evident in her roster of enthusiastic students, extending her teaching prowess to beginner piano as well.

Relocating from Southeast Texas to the dynamic environment of the DFW area, Ana is thrilled to integrate her skills and passion as a Flute Sales Specialist at the esteemed Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.

Hannah Haefele - Flute Sales

Flutist | Flute Sales Specialist

A Kansas City native, Hannah Haefele began her flute studies at a small, arts-focused middle and high school. She then continued her education, earning a bachelor of music in performance with a minor in Spanish from Emporia State University (KS) in 2017. While at ESU, she performed as a soloist with the ESU Flute Choir and in masterclasses with Leone Buyse and Shannon Finney.

Hannah continued her musical education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, earning a master of music in performance in 2020. During her graduate studies, she served as the piccolo player for the Heartland Philharmonic Orchestra. Her graduate education culminated in her participation in the mass premiere of Julia Wolfe’s “Oxygen” at the 2022 National Flute Association Convention in Chicago, IL.

Outside of school, Hannah has performed with the Lenexa Community Orchestra and Kansas City Flute Choir. She’s performed as a freelance flutist across the Midwestern United States.

An active freelance remote recording artist and alto flute player, Hannah has worked with clients from the United States to Sweden. She’s looking forward to sharing her flute knowledge with others as part of the sales team at Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.

Chelsey Fields - Flute Repair & Maintenance Manager

Flutist | Flute Repair Educator | Expert Craftsperson

IMG_5337.jpgChelsey Fields, a dynamic flutist, embarked on her musical journey by earning her Bachelor of Music Education degree from New Mexico State University in 2008. Under the mentorship of Dr. Lisa Van Winkle, Chelsey honed her musical finesse. Following her undergraduate studies, she ventured into the realm of instrument repair, initially interning with the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. A significant milestone followed with the completion of her Associates Degree in Band Instrument Repair Technology from Renton Technical College in 2009.

A multifaceted expert, Chelsey Fields currently orchestrates the repair shop and serves as a distinguished flute repair specialist at the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. What sets her apart is her role as an educator in the domain of flute repair, sharing her insights and expertise with aspiring repair artisans.

Notably, Chelsey's dedication is evidenced by her authorization and licensure as a service technician for renowned flute brands. In 2015, she achieved the esteemed position of an authorized and licensed service technician for Muramatsu flutes, followed by a spring of accomplishment in 2017 when she became a licensed service technician for Brannen flutes.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Chelsey's creativity flourishes in the world of sewing, quilting, and crafting. A testament to her exceptional skills, she has garnered accolades, including ribbons at the State Fair of Texas, where her quilts, embroidery, and creations have captured the spotlight.

Chelsey Fields' dedication to the craft of flute repair, her commitment to nurturing future artisans, and her multifaceted talents reflect a symphony of expertise that resonates through her contributions. 

Taylor Carter - Repair Technician

Flutist | Educator | Skilled Technician | Repair Specialist

Image.jpegTaylor Carter, combining artistry and precision, embarked on his path as a Repair and Maintenance Technician in May 2021, honing his skills under the tutelage of the accomplished head technician, Chelsey Fields. A graduate of Oklahoma City University, Taylor achieved his Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance in 2018, under the guidance of the esteemed Parthena Owens. His zeal for music propelled him immediately into pursuing his Master of Music in Flute Performance, once again with Professor Owens, which he completed in 2020.

Beyond the academic realm, Taylor exhibited a deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. He dedicated his time teaching emerging talents at Oklahoma's chapter of El Sistema — a renowned non-profit that extends support to students and families across the US and Venezuela. Concurrently, Taylor continued to share his musical gifts, freelancing in the metro area.

It was during his graduate studies that Taylor's fascination with instrument repair grew, notably influenced by an encounter with Chelsey at the Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair hosted at OU. Now, blending his comprehensive knowledge of flute performance with his technical skills, Taylor stands as a accomplished Repair Technician, ensuring instruments perform to their highest potential.

Jacob Crozier - Repair Technician

Flutist | Repair Technician | Avid Baker | Audiobook Enthusiast


Jacob Crozier, seamlessly merging his love for music with meticulous craftsmanship, joined the CNMC team in the summer of 2022. He quickly established himself as an invaluable asset, now serving as a full-time member of the repair department. Jacob's academic journey culminated with a bachelor's degree in flute performance from the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2023. There, he benefited from the combined mentorship of esteemed flutists Ebonee Thomas, Mary Posses, and Mary Bassett-Shemon.

When stepping away from the intricate world of flute repair, Jacob immerses himself in the simple joys of life. He treasures moments spent with his beloved dog, experiments with new baking recipes, and unwinds by delving into audiobooks. Balancing artistry with practical skills and a zest for life, Jacob Crozier is a multifaceted individual contributing significantly to the world of flute maintenance and beyond.

Frances Orteza - Social Media & Marketing

Flutist | Music Educator | Digital Marketer | Social Media Maven


Frances Orteza, blending her passion for music with modern marketing dynamics, has recently stepped into her role as the Social Media Manager for CNMC, having joined the team in June. With a Master of Music in Flute Performance from Texas Woman’s University (2023), she flourished under the guidance of Dr. Pamela Youngblood, while also contributing as a graduate assistant for the flute studio.

Before her Texan chapter, Frances embarked on her academic journey at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, obtaining her Bachelor of Music in Music Education in 2021. There, she honed her skills under Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich and actively engaged as a work-study student for the flute studio.

Demonstrating her zeal as a young professional, Frances garnered valuable experience interning with the National Flute Association at their 2022 convention in Chicago. Her dedication to the world of flutes continues in her current role as the Texas Flute Society Publicity Coordinator in the DFW area. With a symbiotic blend of musical prowess and digital acumen, Frances Orteza is poised to make waves in both the musical and marketing arenas.

Daniel Gallagher - Sheet Music/Inventory Specialist

Flutist | Educator | Scholar | Sheet Music & Inventory Specialist

DSC_0349.jpgBased in Dallas, Texas, Daniel Gallagher stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of flute performance and pedagogy. Having achieved his Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in flute performance from The Ohio State University (OSU), Daniel's contributions to the institution were manifold. As the Graduate Teaching Associate of the flute studio, he imparted private lessons and spearheaded a flute choir course, nurturing budding talents.

His extensive expertise has found expression beyond the academic setup. Daniel has been a prominent figure, presenting lectures, conducting masterclasses, and delivering recitals across the US. His commitment to guiding the next generation is further highlighted by his role in coaching flute ensembles at venues like the OSU Flute Workshop and the Five Seasons Chamber Music Festival.

In acknowledgment of his exemplary skills, Daniel has been the recipient of several accolades, notably clinching First Place in the Central Ohio Flute Association's Young Artist Competition and Third Prize in the National Flute Association's Young Artist Competition.

His academic journey spans other eminent institutions as well, with performance degrees from Illinois State University (MM) and Luther College (BA). Over the years, he has been mentored by an illustrious roster of flute virtuosos, including Katherine Borst Jones, Kimberly Risinger, Carol Hester, and Melanie Mathew. As the Sheet Music & Inventory Specialist, Daniel's profound understanding of music and his meticulous approach promise to be invaluable assets in managing and curating selections.

Allison Adams Rojas - Accounting/Inventory Specialist

Flutist | Educator | Music Advocate | Accounting & Inventory Specialist

rojas-32.jpgAllison Adams Rojas, with her commendable educational background and active musical presence, brings a distinct blend of artistry and precision to her role. A 2019 alumnus of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Allison earned her master's degree in flute performance. Her foundational knowledge stems from Stephen F. Austin State University, where in 2017, she procured her bachelor's degree in music education.

Allison's versatility as a flutist is evident from her engagements with esteemed orchestras and symphonies. Her portfolio includes impressive performances with the Orchestra of the Pines, Longview Symphonic Orchestra, the Texas Voices, East Texas Symphony Orchestra, and the New Life Symphony Orchestra, showcasing her adaptability and prowess in various musical settings.

Having studied under the expert guidance of Dr. Christina Guenther and Dr. Julee Kim Walker, Allison's technical proficiency is matched by her deep understanding of the instrument. Beyond her integral role at Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, she extends her expertise as a private flute lessons teacher, nurturing budding talents in both the DFW and East Texas regions. With a seamless fusion of musical aptitude and organizational acumen, Allison Adams Rojas stands as a valuable contributor in both performance and professional arenas.