Consignment Services

Consigning your flute, piccolo, or headjoint can be an easy way to sell your instrument while letting us do the work for you. We'll clean and service your instrument, take it to shows, include it in promising instrument trials, and do our best to market it - so you don't have to.


Before your instrument or headjoint can be taken on consignment it must be evaluated. This allows us to learn the age, condition, level, and potential of your instrument, and ascertain what repairs or servicing it might need.

There is no cost for evaluation itself, though you'll be responsible for shipping and insurance charges if you choose to ship it to and from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. However, please contact us before sending us your instrument; it's difficult to do anything with a mystery flute that shows up with no information and without an appointment!

When sending us your instrument or headjoint, please mark it as "Attn: Consignments" and include your name and contact information.


After evaluation, and if you agree to consignment, we'll create a Consignment Agreement between the instrument owner and the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. This will include a minimum acceptable amount that goes to you should the instrument be sold. We'll also be able to provide a price range within which your instrument is likely to be appealing to buyers, and work with you to identify a satisfactory sales price.

Once consignment is agreed to, your instrument will undergo a full servicing (a clean, oil, and adjust) and any needed repairs. The cost of this service and repair is the responsibility of the owner and can be paid upfront or added to our consignment fee. This servicing and repair is not optional. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality instruments, certified by our repair and flute staff, and with a 6-month adjustment warranty for the new owner; consequently, we must be sure that the instruments we sell are in their best condition.

If you're considering getting your flute serviced somewhere else before consigning with us, please contact us first to discuss your options - there's nothing more frustrating than having to pay for two servicings when you could have paid for only one.

Once your instrument has been serviced and certified by our staff it will be added to our inventory and begin appearing at shows, in trials, and on our sales floor.