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About Hall Crystal Flutes

Hall Crystal Flutes are unique musical instruments with beautiful tones and elegant designs. Both beginner and accomplished musicians find them delightful because of their crystal clear tone quality. These flutes and piccolos are very popular gift items for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

Hall Crystal Flutes are hand crafted using Pyrex glass, kiln-annealed for maximum strength and durability, and are decorated with kiln-fired enamels and 22k gold, making each flute a work of art itself. Each flute is carefully hand tuned and fitted with a modern Boehm taper to produce a note range of two and one half octaves. This produces a six hole flute that is not only beautiful but very functional. The hardness of the glass does not color the sound of the flute and produces beautiful crystal clear tones.

Included with each flute is a fingering chart and each flute comes packaged in a dark green gift box stamped in gold with the Hall Crystal Flute logo. In the box, the flute is protected on all sides with green flocked high density urethane foam. Don't forget to purchase a specifically designed cleaning rod and maybe even a display stand for your Hall Crystal Flute.

Flutes have been produced in a variety of materials since antiquity. The beauty of flutes made of glass is their brilliant tone. Historic examples of glass flutes can be found in the Library of Congress' Dayton C. Miller collection, dating from the early 19th century. They were made from clear cut glass with silver fittings. Hall Crystal Flutes are a contemporary version of these historic pieces.

One Year Full Warranty

How do you make a great product better? Offer a great warranty. When you purchase a Hall Crystal Flutes in the USA, you get a warranty for one year from date of purchase. This is a full warranty and also covers accidental breakage.


"C" and "D" Piccolos - The two highest pitched flutes produce clean crisp sounds sweeter and mellower than the silver piccolo. These flutes are great for small hands, for the fingering holes are placed closer together than on our other flutes. The piccolo, being a higher pitched instrument, requires a tighter embouchure and is slightly more difficult to play than the larger D and G flutes. Length 12.5in and 11in respectively.

"G" Flute - This middle sized flute produces a tone that is a cross between the piccolo and the D flute. The tone holes are spaced such that an average teen or women's sized hand can cover them. This is a good choice for the novice flutist. Length 16.5in.

"D" Flute - The largest flute produces deep and beautiful mellow tones. This flute is highly recommended for the adult professional and novice players alike. The D flute is the easiest to play providing the finger holes can be sealed properly. The larger embouchure hole requires less air. The D flute's tone is superior to the piccolo and G flute. Length 21.5in.

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