Instrument Cozies

Instrument Cozies

Protection while on a stand

If you leave your instrument out on a peg - in breaks from practicing, overnight, or as your instrument's permanent home - consider a cozy slipcover to protect it from dust, changing heat and humidity, and any accidental bumps. Our repair team thanks you and your instrument thanks you. 


Altieri cozies come in five types - piccolo, flute, alto flute (straight head), alto flute (curved head), and bass flute. The cozies use the same design as the Altieri bags themselves: a 4-layer insulation system composed of a moisture and vapor barrier, heat- and cold-reflecting mylar, dacron batting as shock absorption, and thermal ultrasuede lining.


Crescendo cozies
 (for flute or piccolo) are more oriented towards temperature fluctuations and impacts, with an extra-thick layer of insulation and padding. They also come with interior colors!