International Low Flutes Festival

  • Dimow, C :: Klezmer Suite

    Klezmer Suite

    Dimow, C

    The Klezmer Suite evolved out of the composer's fifteen plus years of touring and recording with the Casco Bay Tummlers' klezmer band. Written in four movements, this suite includes many Klezmer techniques which are explained in detail in the program notes. Additionally, the third movement can be played on the bass flute. A great addition to the flute/guitar repertoire.

    For advanced players; a full recital work.

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    • $25.00
  • Dorff, D :: Sonata (Spirit of the Hudson)

    A welcome addition to the bass flute repertoire, Dorff’s 14-minute sonata is designed as two pairs of slow-fast movements. While composed as a complete 4-movement sonata, either half may be performed alone as a 7-minute recital work. 

    The Sonata springs from Dorff's impressions of the Hudson River: "Every thought led to the river’s essence, its own spirit and life — flowing through raw nature, from skinny trickles to mightiness spawning cities; supporting subtle life, and becoming a central commons for human societies." 

    The movement titles are: I. Sprawling, burbling; II. Sparkling, glistening; III. Under Winter; and IV. Spring Spirits.

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    • $21.99
  • Hoover, K :: Two for Two

    Two for Two

    Hoover, K

    Katherine Hoover presents Two for Two, with the first movement for alto flute and piano, the second for bass flute and piano.

    From the composer:

    'When Chris Potter asked me to write a piece including both alto flute and bass flute, I tried to hone in on some of the special but perhaps less commonly heard qualities of each. The alto has its lovely singing quality, but it also has the capacity to move quickly and easily, so I decided to feature that as well. The bass, I felt, could should off that wonderful husky quality in a slightly off-center tango.'

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    • $15.99
  • Mower, M :: A Night in Greenwich

    A Night in Greenwich

    Mower, M

    A Night in Greenwich was commissioned by Marion Garver in January 1997. It is a work for solo bass flute which was written to highlight the tonal qualities and agility of her bass flute made by Eva Kingma.

    This piece, although orginally written for the bass, performs equally well on both alto or concert flutes.

    A Night in Greenwich was premiered by Marion Garver at the NFA flute convention in Chicago, August 1997.

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    • $17.95
  • Schocker, G :: Small Sonata for a Large Flute

    Small Sonata for a Large Flute

    Schocker, G

    Gary Schocker presents the Small Sonata for a Large Flute. For bass flute and piano. In three movements: Moderato, Cantabile, and Snappy.

    For advanced players.

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    • $15.99


The Bass Flute Competition

Open to all applicants 18 and older.

The Bass Flute Competition will be a single recorded round. Applicants will submit recordings of 4 pieces for a total time of between 15 and 25 minutes of music. (see below for details on repertoire)

Monetary prizes will be awarded to top three players & the videos of the three prize winners will be featured on the Festival's Thursday night concert.

Key Dates:

  • Video Submission Deadline – April 8th
  • Registration and Payment Deadline – April 8th
  • Registration will be open early 2022
  • Competition Registration fee – $25

All competitors must also register for the four-day Festival ($50)

Required Piece:

  • Katherine Hoover, Two for Two, Tango with bass flute and piano

Pick one of these three pieces:

Pick one of these four pieces:

One other pieces of your choosing