Setting Up Trials

A side-by-side comparison between instruments is strongly recommended when selecting the best instrument for you.

Compare various manufacturers and/or models side by side, try out a new instrument, or just "play it" before you buy it.  Although we would love to have you visit our showroom where one of our flute specialists can guide you through the selection process, we understand that this is not always possible. We therefore welcome all of our domestic customers 18-years of age or older to try one or more of our instruments for up to a 4 day trial period (not including transit/shipping time) at your location. If you are under the age of 18, we can arrange your trial through a parent or guardian. 

We do not charge a trial fee. You are responsible for shipping charges to and from our location and for the care of the instruments while in your possession. For your convenience, you may purchase a pre-paid return label which will be included in your trial paperwork. A credit card (See Payment Methods for accepted cards) is required prior to shipping. Upon return of the trial, your card may be charged an amount, up to and including the full value of the trial, for any damage, scratches or marks that did not exist in the as-shipped condition, or if items are not returned per the trial agreement. Customers must return-ship trial items in the same manner as the items were shipped to them.

Trial customers are responsible for contacting Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company on or before the 4th day of the trial to give their decision regarding the purchase and/or return of trial items. Failure to contact us before the end of the 4th day will serve as customer approval for all items on trial to be processed as a final sale.