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Cohen, J :: Flutes and Vegetables

Cohen, J :: Flutes and Vegetables
Flutes and Vegetables
Cohen, J

Flutes and Vegetables offers a full daily recommended allowance of energetic dances sure to hold the interest of you and your audience, and consists of four courses. The meal begins with Pepper Presto, a fiery Latin number of fast syncopation and drama. Next is The Enchanted Eggplant, a wonderfully demented waltz in harmonic minor, bringing to mind TV shows and movies that blend humor, magic, and the dark side. Sweet Potato Jig is a lively jig with Celtic elements, including long rolls, drones, and the piccolo acting as a tin whistle. For dessert is Dance of the Radishes, a happy reel that builds and accelerates to a dizzy ending that will leave everybody smiling.

Performance time: approximately 6 minutes. Scored for piccolo, 4 C flutes, alto flute, bass flute, and optional contrabass.

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Composer Cohen, J
Instrumentation 5 or More Flutes
Publisher Falls House Press [FH0290]
Orchestration pc, 4 fl, al fl, bs fl; pc, 4 fl, al fl, bs fl, ctrbs fl
Includes CD No
Classification Not Applicable
Genre Undefined
  • Pepper Presto
  • The Enchanted Eggplant
  • Sweet Potato Jig
  • Dance of the Radishes
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