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Cohen, J :: Mood Swings

Cohen, J :: Mood Swings
Mood Swings
Cohen, J

Mood Swings, in three movements, take the mood up, down, and up again. 'Pink Flamenco' opens the piece with a Spanish flavor with a snappy dance in three that offers an alto solo and a surprise ending. 'Parting,' the second movement, paints a picture of that very human experience. 'DecaDance' is a driving 10/8 with a fiery finish.

Instrumentation: 4 C flutes, alto flute, bass flute. Duration: 5'.

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Composer Cohen, J
Instrumentation 5 or More Flutes
Publisher Falls House Press [FH0226]
Orchestration 4 fl, al fl, bs fl
Includes CD No
Classification Collections
Genre Undefined
  • Pink Flamenco
  • Parting
  • DecaDance
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