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Cohen, J :: The Wicked Vicar

Cohen, J :: The Wicked Vicar
The Wicked Vicar
Cohen, J

This jaunty four-movement piece for flute choir by Jonathan Cohen follows a particularly irreverent vicar on a typical day. The first movement, 'Making His Rounds,' is a reel featuring a peppy minor tune that winds from light to dark and light again, as the vicar makes his way. The second movement finds the vicar 'Flirting on the High Street,' as a love interest approaches, passes, and disappears around the corner, resulting in a brief flight of fancy. 'Past the Tippling Point', the third movement, is a queasy tango that starts very slowly, then accelerates throughout to a frenetic climax before ending with a shaky bass finish. Finally, 'The Feast Begins' brings a glorious and energetic end to the day.

Instrumentation: Piccolo, 4 flutes, alto flute, bass flute, optional contrabass flute.

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Composer Cohen, J
Instrumentation 5 or More Flutes
Publisher Falls House Press [FH0375]
Orchestration pc, 4 fl, al fl, bs fl, opt ctrbs fl
Includes CD No
Classification Not Applicable
Genre Undefined
  • Making His Rounds — Cohen, J
  • Flirting on the High Street — Cohen, J
  • Past the Tippling Point — Cohen, J
  • The Feast Begins — Cohen, J
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