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Cohen, J :: Tropical Flute Punch

Cohen, J :: Tropical Flute Punch
Tropical Flute Punch
Cohen, J

Transport your audience to a tropical beach with a penchant for party. Tropical Flute Punch opens with 'Calypso in Beach Major,' a happy dance with sand between the toes. Then the sun sets with 'Eventide Rhythms,' a calm and beautiful interlude expressing the overlapping sounds of water, insects, birds, and man as they reinforce and counterpoint each other. Syncopated revelry returns to the party with the final movement 'Flutes for Sail.'

Instrumentation: Piccolo, 4 C flutes, alto flute, bass flute, optional contrabass flute.

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Composer Cohen, J
Instrumentation 5 or More Flutes
Publisher Falls House Press [FH0411]
Orchestration pc, 4 fl, al fl, bs fl, opt ctrbs fl
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