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Cohen, J :: Wooden Bridge

Cohen, J :: Wooden Bridge
Wooden Bridge
Cohen, J

In broad strokes, this piece describes the experience of emigration as remembered and reconciled a family. After an introduction, we hear the tenseness of a difficult life that grows more agitated and leads to leaving that life behind. We then hear the march of time. Following that is a period of reflection, as the old trials and adjusting to a new life are recalled, but considered and reconsidered, growing less painful and more light with each examination. A period of calm reflection follows, which goes from melancholy remembering to acceptance. Finally, a theme of pride is heard that develops into a triumphal celebration of the courage to leave an old life and to prosper in a new one.

Scored for piccolo, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, and optional contrabass; or for piccolo, 4 flutes, 1 alto, bass flute, and optional contrabass. Performance time: 8 minutes.

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Composer Cohen, J
Instrumentation 5 or More Flutes
Publisher Falls House Press [FH0306]
Orchestration pc, 4 fl, 2 al fl, bs fl, ctrbs fl
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