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Doppler, F :: Sonate opus 25

Doppler, F  :: Sonate opus 25
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This sonata for two flutes and piano by Franz Doppler was rediscovered by Prof. Andras Adorjan in the former production archive of the Schott music publishing house. Formerly, only two movements - the Andante and Rondo - were published.

The discovery of this sonata represents an important addition to the catalogue of flute music by the Dopplers. The Andante and Rondo - which are the last two movements of this sonata - have always had a special status among their well-known flute compositions. They are - as well as the double concerto for two flutes - more classical than other flute pieces of the Dopplers, which otherwise all belong to the species of fantasies, potpourries, variations, and opera-paraphrases. A reference in a letter of Franz to the music publisher Schott dated 16 February 1873 gives the first indication of this hitherto unknown sonata:

Highly esteemd Sir! Hereby I allow myself to inform you, that with today's mail I have sent the following three manuscripts to your esteemed address in Mainx, namely
1.) Opus 24. ''Souvenir de Prague' Fantasy for 2 flutes with piano accompaniment on Bohemian national tunes.
2.) Opus 25. 'Sonata' for 2 flutes and piano.
3.) Opus 26. 'Hungarian pastoral fantasy' for flute with piano accompaniment.

An undated handwritten note on the title page of the manuscript solves the riddle: ‘NB. Von dieser Sonate nur Andante u. Rondo stechen zu lassen und das Stuck demgemass zu titulieren’. [NB. Engrave only Andante a. Rondo of this Sonata and name the piece accordingly.] This is why only the last two movements were printed by Schott and this composition survived as a fragment. Now flutists are able to play the whole sonata, including the first two movements Moderato and Menuetto.

The Andante and Rondo - which are the last two movements of this sonata - hold a special place in our repertoire. The majority of flutists, both nationally and internationally, have played or are familiar with it, and it's sometimes described as one of the core works of the small flute ensemble.

For good reason; it's beautiful and always an appealing recital work, quite aside from how useful it is as a teaching tool.

But this full sonata - try to imagine how Andras Adorjan, who found the entirety of the work in Schott's archives, must have felt as he came across this. The first movement alone, a Moderato, is nearly as long as the other three movements together! And it's a full first movement Sonata Overture, with the themes - especially the themes of the Andante - introduced and developed, with several contrasting sections! And then the second movement, an Allegro con Spirito in 3 - with that Hungarian rhythmic feel of the Rondo, but in a waltz!

It's not every day you find incredible, unknown musical additions to an already fantastic piece of music. In frankness, it's hard to describe music through words; we all know this. And, as of yet, there are no recordings of the full Sonata. However, nearly our entire staff has played through this - and fought over who got to play through it first - and we've all found it high-quality Doppler. Idiomatic, beautiful ensemble writing and intuitive entrances; smooth voice leading and balanced parts; catchy themes and clever, flexible composition - we can't recommend it enough.

- Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company; Staff Review

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Composer Doppler, F
Instrumentation 2 Flutes & Piano
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Editor Adorjan, Andras
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