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Handel, GF :: Handel Sonatas For Flute Book 1

Handel, GF :: Handel Sonatas For Flute Book 1
Handel Sonatas For Flute Book 1
Handel, GF

Handel's complete collection of eleven flute sonatas in three volumes is presented and edited by Paul Edmund-Davies, with a keyboard realization by John Alley. Each book also comes with a CD that contains full performances of the sonatas by Edmund-Davies and Alley, as well as full backing tracks with piano and cello.

Book 1 includes:

  • Sonata in e minor HWV 379
  • Sonata in e minor HWV 359b
  • Sonata in g minor HWV 360
  • Sonata in G Major HWV 363b

These eleven sonatas, most likely written between 1712 and 1728, have been a part of the main repertoire for the instrument for well over two hundred years. However, they originally started out as sonatas for other instruments and in different keys. Due to the popularity of the 'German flute' among musical amateurs in England during the late 1720s and early 1730s, it is most like that Handel's publisher arranged for these sonatas to be transposed into keys that would suit performance on this instrument. It is not known whether or not Handel himself approved of this practice; however, the popularity of the sonatas among flutists since renders the question fairly moot.

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Composer Handel, GF
Instrumentation Flute & Piano
Publisher Kevin Mayhew []
Editor Edmund-Davies, Paul
Orchestration fl, pn; fl, cd
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