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Honegger, A :: Danse de la chevre

Honegger, A :: Danse de la chevre

This newly annotated edition of Honegger's Danse de la chevre (The goat's dance) presents, alongside an edition that corrects errors present in the previous Salabert publication, a three-page Introduction and a two-page Notes on Interpretation, both in English, French, Italian, and German.

This gem for unaccompanied flute is already well established in the flute literature, and the Salabert editions have been widely available for decades. Purchasing this new edition, however, is worth considering in view of the new content included with the score.

A historical introduction is supplied by Edmond Lemaître, a French musicologist with an impressive list of accomplishments including service as editorial supervisor for the complete critical editions of Debussy. The narrative corrects long-held misinformation and places this work in its context of time, place, and practices, all quite colorful. It de- scribes the piece’s origins as part of a theatre work; the dancer who premiered it; René Le Roy, the flutist to whom it was dedicated; the sources for this edition; and the editorial principles, all supported in footnotes. You will emerge with a significantly more comprehensive understanding of the work than was previously readily available. These narratives are presented in four languages.

Bruno Jouard contributes notes on interpretation. It is very helpful as a performance guide. Flutists have a wealth of performance guides, whether written in periodicals or studied in lessons and masterclasses, so it isn’t surprising that another performance guide for this piece can be found in the September 1983 issue of Flute Talk. That article, by Charles Delaney, would make a good partner to this guide.

Neither the narratives in this edition nor the Delaney article completely address the many questions of notation in this solo. An excellent supplement is John Wion’s website, where you can visit a page of ‘Errata’ with a significant list of clarifications for this work (johnwion.com/errata.html). Wion’s points are supplemented by notes from Le Roy student Jill Maurer Davis and input from Geoffrey Gilbert.

- Rebecca Dunnell; Flutist Quarterly, Fall 2019

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