Pneumo Pro

Pneumo Pro

The Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of beginning flutists achieve a beautiful tone. Band directors and flute teachers alike have praised the Pneumo Pro for its ability to facilitate correct and consistent placement of the air column, thus taking the mystery out of tone production. The Pneumo Pro is a great teaching device for older students, helping them quickly achieve a more resonant, focused tone with proper intonation as well as more accurate octave and register changes. The plastic design makes sanitizing easy, and students love the bright color.

For advanced players, the Pneumo Pro helps with:

  • Tone production
  • Tuning (especially when playing changes in dynamics)
  • Focused double and triple tonguing
  • Smooth and connected flexibility between octaves
  • Advanced techniques such as multiphonics

With the Pneumo Pro inserted into the body of the flute, the flutist can play through their piece or exercise, while they or their teacher check the flexibility, direction and speed of the air column.

Great Beginnings Instructional DVD

The optional instructional DVD teaches the student how to use the Pneumo Pro to produce a beautiful sound on the flute head joint. While playing along with the video, students can master low and high notes, rhythm exercises, head joint songs, and even compose their own head joint melodies. Though targeted at the new flutist, band directors will also discover invaluable insights regarding the process of effective beginning flute instruction, and can simply assign each of the six lessons for the students to work with during their regular home practice time.

Comments from teachers:

’The difference with my beginners from this year and last year is like night and day. I can't believe how good their tone is with the help of the Pneumo Pro!’ (band director)

’The Pneumo Pro is a great device, just the right tool needed for beginners to get both a physical and a visual aid in learning to blow the air correctly and form an embouchure. BUT, I've used it for more advanced players and they have all found it quite revealing and helpful in refining the aim and direction of the air. I must say that I've experimented with it myself and found it useful. This is certainly a 'must have' device for any flute studio.’ (professional flutist & teacher)

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