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Song Flute Headjoints

Song Flute Headjoints
Diamond and Gemstone Enhancement Engraving Wood Lip Plates
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General - Song Flute Headjoint

Y. C. Song's flute headjoints, with their elegant design and powerful, detailed tone, quickly became a highly-regarded professional staple in the Korean flute community before spreading internationally. The exquisitely-detailed lip plates of Song headjoints, often embedded with gemstones or intricate engravings, reveal Song's beginnings in jewelry making, and Song's subsequent training under the founder of Altus Flutes is evident in the consistently deep, resonant tone across the various models.

During creation of Song headjoints traditional craftsmanship methods are paired with innovative technology (Song's patented crowns) and a variety of luxury materials including precious metals, woods, and gemstones to highlight Song's philosophy - that the joy of creating beauty can be both visual and in your sound.

Silver Headjoints

Song's silver headjoints are made with a 99.5% pure silver tubing and riser, with a 95.0% silver engraved lip plate and a ruby inlay in the crown. These smoothly-voiced, clean, clear headjoints have several custom options available:

14k Gold Riser - Deepens tone and enhances response. (Adds $600)
0.33 Carat Diamond Enhancement On Lip Plate - A small diamond embedded in the lip plate adds a touch of light to your visual presentation. (Adds $450)
14k Gold Lip Plate, Riser, And Crown - The heft of 14k gold increases and deepends the resonance of the sound and tends to improve projection. (Adds $3200)

The Silver-Gold Fusion

This unique headjoint fuses a 99.5% pure silver outer layer to a solid 24k gold inner layer to create the tube, resulting in a distinctly thick sound with the higher edge of silver still present. A 14k solid gold engraved lip plate and crown with a 20k gold riser enhances the deeper edge of the sound, and the crown contains a diamond inlay as the final touch.

Gold Headjoints

Song's gold headjoints, each with an engraved lip plate and diamond inlay in the crown, explore the various purities of gold and the rich, amplified tonal response possible.

14k Gold - A flexible yet resonant tone.
18k Gold - A more solid, dark sound.
20k Gold Tubing And Riser; 14k Gold Lip Plate And Crown - The different alloys add complexity to the sound and an inner resonance.
23.5k Gold Tubing; 20K Riser; 14k Gold Lip Plate And Crown - A dark, deeply liquid response and complex inner core are complimented by the easy articulation enabled by the riser.

Wood Headjoints

Song's wooden headjoints add the classic response and subtle sound of wood to his headjoints' smooth, centered signature tone.

99.5% Silver Tubing With Wood Lip Plate - Closer to the standard concert flute, with an added rounded articulation and wider tone.
Wood Headjoint With Silver Tenon - A classic wooden sound, updated for the 21st Century.

Every Song headjoint comes with a personal headjoint case with a cherrywood finish and an outer fabric case cover.

Our price: $2150.00
Headjoint Style
Lip Enhancement (Silver Only)
14K Lip Plate/Riser (Silver HJ Only)
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