Flute4u :: Sheet Music :: Flute & Piano (T-U) :: Telemann, GP :: Sonate fur Flote und Basso continuo (Tafelmusik I, 5 - TWV 41:h4)

Telemann, GP :: Sonate fur Flote und Basso continuo (Tafelmusik I, 5 - TWV 41:h4)

Telemann, GP :: Sonate fur Flote und Basso continuo (Tafelmusik I, 5 - TWV 41:h4)
Sonate fur Flote und Basso continuo (Tafelmusik I, 5 - TWV 41:h4)
Telemann, GP

Vienna Urtext editor Jochen Reutter has consulted the first print of Telemann's 1733 Tafelmusik (Musique de Table), together with a manuscript copy of the same period, to construct this urtext of the Sonate for Flute and Basso Continuo. The edition includes a realized figured bass, an unrealized continuo part (cello ad lib.), and the background information, notes on performance, and critical notes that signify a Vienna Urtext publication. For advanced performers.

This delightful four-movement sonata from the 1733 ‘Tafelmusik’ collection is worthy of adding to your library even if you think you already have enough Telemann. It is edited by Jochen Reutter from the first issue and manuscript sources, with notes on interpretation by Susanne Schrage. Reutter’s preface gives information about the work’s source materials, history, and associations, including thought-provoking insight about Handel’s borrowings from this piece. Schrage’s notes start with observations about style and character followed by guidance on dynamics, rhythm and meter, articulation, and embellishments. Both sections include footnotes referencing J.J. Quantz, Johann Mattheson, and Max Seiffert. This excellent edition also includes source specifics and detailed notes about editorial adjustments.

The flute part exemplifies thoughtful layout, with comfortable page turns and perfect clarity. As expected in an urtext edition, only the composer’s markings are included, allowing performers to add breath marks, dynamics, and additional articulations.

The keyboard part, a helpful realization by Reutter of the figured bass, includes the figures and flute part. This allows performers who would like to create their own realization the opportunity to do so. Again, the practical considerations of visual clarity and consideration for page turns is admirable. The continuo part, usually played by cello or bassoon, also includes the figures. All parts include measure numbers.

The music is a lot of fun to play. Frequent surprises in rhythmic character and harmonic language keep us engaged, whether playing for our own pleasure or sharing this treat with an audience.

- Rebecca Dunnell; Flutist Quarterly, Fall 2019

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Composer Telemann, GP
Instrumentation Flute & Piano
Publisher Wiener Urtext Edition [UT50416]
Editor Reutter, Jochen
Orchestration fl, bc; fl, pn
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