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Telemann, GP :: Zwolf Fantasien [Twelve Fantasias]

Telemann, GP :: Zwolf Fantasien [Twelve Fantasias]
1. Fantasie - Vivace 7. Fantasie - Alla francese
Zwolf Fantasien [Twelve Fantasias]
Telemann, GP

This Barenreiter Urtext edition of the Twelve Fantasias for traverse flute without bass proves to be a faithful reflection of the age. Delight in playing, freedom in the form, in the time and in the key structure emphasize the improvisatory character of the works. The mosaic-like gaiety of the colors, along with the rugged architecture and a tendency to clearly-defined forms illuminate the antitheses which are peculiar to his genre. With regard to melody, Baroque emotions alternate with rococo-like delicacy.

The Fantasias for flute without bass address themselves less to the virtuoso than to the student and amateur flutist, who will find everything they wishe in these pieces. Although Telemann himself may have lost track of his works, the many flutists who have perfected their technique and musical interpretation with the help of these lovely Fantasias will never forget them.

SKU D009790006428236
Composer Telemann, GP
Instrumentation Flute Alone
Publisher Barenreiter [BA2971]
Editor Hauswald, Gunter
Orchestration fl
Includes CD No
Classification Urtext
Genre Undefined
Series Barenreiter Urtext
  • 1. Fantasie fur Flute A-Dur TWV 40:2
  • 2. Fantasie fur Flute a-Moll TWV 40:3
  • 3. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:4
  • 4. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:5
  • 5. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:6
  • 6. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:7
  • 7. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:8
  • 8. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:9
  • 9. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:10
  • 10. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:11
  • 11. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:12
  • 12. Fantasie fur Flute TWV 40:13
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