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Uebayashi, Y :: Sonate

Uebayashi, Y :: Sonate

Yuko Uebayashi's Sonata for flute and pianois made up of four movements with a typical performance lasting around 26 minutes.

'Uebayashi has a distinct compositional style that combines two unexpected styles: French impressionist music and Japanese film music. In particular, Uebayashi is inspired by landscapes, light, and paintings, and she only writes music for musicians to whom she feels a connection. This sonata was commissioned by Jean Ferrandis (flute) and Emile Naoumoff (piano), French musicians of the highest caliber. She admired Ferrandis's playing for its 'very soft, fine pianissimo, akin to glasswork; a passionately eloquent and fiery forte, the instruments singing with gentle, tender-hearted elegance.

The Sonate consists of four movements: starting with a tender and sentimental slow introduction, the first movement, Allegro Moderato, alternates between two themes; the Presto, second movement, is reminiscent of a scherzo, featuring the contrast of playful staccato and virtuosic legato; the third movement, which evokes the feelings of a song, is graceful and calm; and the vibrant fourth movement is an energetic rondo.'

- Paraphrased from The Flute Music of Yuko Uebayashi by Pei-San Chiu; Stephanie Hoeckley; 2018

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Composer Uebayashi, Y
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