Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Online Ordering Process

The below steps describe our online ordering process.

Step 1. Place items in your cart and click CHECKOUT. Your cart contents will be prepared as an order.
Step 2. Sign In to your Flute4u.com account and confirm your shipping and billing addresses OR enter your billing and shipping addresses and click CONTINUE.
Step 3. Select a shipping carrier/service, and payment method. Enter payment (credit card or Gift Certificate#) details.
Step 4. Enter any notes regarding your order, agree to our Term and Conditions, and click SUBMIT ORDER.
Step 5. Assuming payment details are accepted, you will receive an order confirmation notification and an e-mail summarizing your order.
Step 6. You will receive an order completion e-mail once your order has been shipped & payment collected.

Return Policy


ALL returned merchandise must be accompanied by an original receipt or invoice from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company and must be returned in original packaging, including all contents, undamaged and unused. Furthermore, electronic media (including but not limited to CDs, DVDs and Videos) must be returned unopened, in original shrinkwrap and packaging, and with all security features intact. Credits for returned merchandise will be applied only to the credit card used in the original purchase. Refunds for cash or check purchases will be made in the payment form of the original purchase.
SHIPPED returns are not accepted without prior authorization. A request for return authorization must specify or identify a valid invoice number and reason for return. Return Authorizations (RA) are valid for 10 calendar days from the date of issuance. Returns shipped to the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company must clearly identify the issued RA number on the outside of the packaging and may be refused if the RA number has expired. Return shipping costs to the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note that some items may vary slightly from the pictures on our website as manufacturers make changes to their products. 


Sheet music is non-returnable. Request for a Return Authorization on non-instrument merchandise (excluding sheet music) must be made within 10 calendar days of the original purchase invoice date. In-Person return of non-instrument merchandise (excluding sheet music) must be made within 10 calendar days of the original purchase invoice date.


Instrument merchandise (including used or new flutes, piccolos, alto flutes, bass flutes, headjoints, footjoints, crowns and Foster Extensions) may not be returned once purchased, so be sure to check out our free trial option when shopping for an instrument.

Special Orders

Special Order Only (SOO) merchandise is non-returnable.

Fulfillment Errors

We do our best to get every order right, but mistakes can happen. If we make an error in the fulfillment of your order please contact us right away so we can correct it.


Defective merchandise may be returned to the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company for exchange within 10 calendar days of the original invoice date for replacement with an identical item. After that period the customer must contact the product manufacturer. Defects must not be the result of misuse, abuse or malicious damage. In the event that the merchandise is found to have been defective, as determined by the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, the shipment of the replacement merchandise will be at the expense of the company, which will choose the shipping carrier and service to be used.  In addition, a credit will be issued to the customer in the same payment form as the original purchase for the cost of shipping the defective merchandise to the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.  The value of this credit shall not exceed the cost of shipping the replacement merchandise to the customer.

Special (Promotional) Offers

If a customer places an order that qualifies for a special offer(s), accepts the offer(s), and then chooses to execute an authorized return of any item(s) on the order, such that the original order minus the returned merchandise would no longer qualify for the special offer(s), the customer may choose to retain or return those additional products received for free or at a discount as a result of the special offer(s). In order to receive full credit for these returns, the items must be returned undamaged and in its(their) original packaging. Electronic media items must be unopened, in original shrinkwrap and packaging, and with all security features intact. Credit or refunds as applicable will be calculated based on the original order charge and the lesser of the current or original non-discounted selling price of the retained items taking into account any qualification for special offers applicable at the time of the original order. Discount (Coupon) codes issued as the result of a qualifying order may be canceled should the execution of an authorized return result in the disqualification of the original order for said special offer. Authorized returns that originally qualified for free or discounted shipping services may have the credit or refund reduced by an amount up to the full value of shipping from the original order, should the value or contents of the order no longer qualify for the special offer following the executed authorized return (excludes defective merchandise and fulfillment errors).

Discount (Coupon) Codes

Authorized returns of merchandise from orders where the customer redeemed a coupon code will have the refund or credit due adjusted based on the remaining value and contents of the retained merchandise and the qualification of the remaining order for use of the coupon code originally redeemed. Coupon codes redeemed, but no longer applicable to an order following an authorized return, will be made available for re-use within the conditions and limitations of their original issue.



For your protection and ours we ship all orders over $500 with a requirement of the shipping company to obtain a signature upon delivery. If this would cause you difficulty in receiving your merchandise feel free to waive this requirement, and our liability, by typing "No Delivery Signature Required" in the Customer Notes section when placing the order on our website. Requests for delivery signature on orders below these minimums can be accommodated, but may incur additional charges, please contact us of you require these additional services.

Please note that although the UPS online system will validate "P.O. Box" (post office box) shipping addresses, UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box address without an accompanying physical street address. Attempts to ship via UPS to a P.O. Box address only may result in delays in receipt of your shipment. These delays are beyond the control of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.


Some United States Postal Service (USPS) shipments can be tracked. This is based on the shipment destination and type of shipping service requested (See table below). Shipping duration for USPS, domestic US, First Class shipments varies by destination and is typically estimated (but not guaranteed) to be between 3-10 business days.

Tracking Available?
Domestic US
First Class
First Class

All United Parcel Service (UPS) shipments will be issued a tracking number and can therefore be tracked to their destination. Customers will receive an e-mail from UPS providing the tracking information details for their order following receipt of an order completion e-mail from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. UPS shipping durations are based on the type of shipping service requested. UPS Ground service shipping durations can be estimated from our location to general locations throughout the domestic US using the chart below provided by UPS.

UPS Ground

Shipping durations are based on time in transit between the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company and the destination address unless otherwise specified.

Free or Discounted Shipping Offers

All online purchases greater than $200 before tax are eligible for free shipping to locations within the United States. Should this shipping option be presented and chosen by the customer, the shipping carrier and method shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.

Some products may not apply for free shipping.

Online purchases over $200 being shipped to locations outside the United States do not qualify for free shipping.

Items returned from a purchase utilizing the free shipping offer will be charged the cost of the original shipment.


We check the condition of all items before shipping. Damage in shipment is very rare but can happen. If a package looks damaged, ask the delivery person to note the possible damage. If the items inside are damaged, save all packing materials and contact us within 2 business days. Please DO NOT send damaged merchandise back to us because the claim must be made by the customer with the shipping company. We cannot be responsible for items damaged in transit where the damage has not been documented to the shipping company by the customer. Shipping companies require notification of damage immediately, so please take note of the condition of your merchandise before you accept it.

International Shipping

Based on the shipping carrier and shipping method selected, we are glad to provide all shipment tracking information available to us for your international shipment. However, Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company cannot control nor be held responsible for, the duration required for Non-US customs agencies to release shipments coming into their country.


Security is a top priority at the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. The purchase areas of our website are secured so that any information you send us (e-mail, phone numbers, credit card numbers) is protected by encryption (also know as SSL). You can tell when you are protected by SSL encryption -- the lock or key in your browser window changes color, appears, or is no longer broken. This may vary depending on your browser. If you have any concerns regarding the security of the personal information you provide, or placing orders online, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Of course you are always welcome to place orders via phone, fax or e-mail:

 (972) 985-2662 (phone)
 1-(877) FLUTE4U (toll free)
 (972) 985-2668 (fax)

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged only on orders shipped to locations within the state of Texas. Texas state laws require that we charge sales tax on the full amount of the order. We charge sales tax on orders in accordance with all governmental tax codes/law. Sales tax will be automatically calculated according to these laws by our website during the checkout process.


We strive to provide our customers the lowest price possible while maintaining a high level of customer service and support. That said, due to conditions beyond our control (publishers' price increases, foreign price fluctuations, etc.), we cannot guarantee the stability of the prices as advertised on this site. Prices are subject to change without notice. Once an order is placed, should a product experience a price increase prior to shipment, we will make a good faith effort to contact the customer using supplied order information (e-mail, phone) in order to obtain confirmation on how to proceed with the order. Orders that cannot be filled at or below the originally ordered price will not be shipped without notification and acknowledgement by our customer. If you find a product which we sell, being sold cheaper someplace else, please contact us so we may continue to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Availability (Backorders)

If ordered items cannot be shipped to the customer within 2 business days (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays) of the receipt of an order (the time when the customer receives a successfull order confirmation e-mail), an attempt will be made to contact the customer, using customer supplied information gathered during the online order process (i.e. phone number, e-mail) for instructions on how to proceed. The customer's options at this time will include either Partial Fulfillment (split shipments) or No Partial Fulfillment (single shipment) as defined below.

We will try to obtain backordered items in a reasonable length of time. The length of time it takes a backorder to come in varies according to seasonal conditions at the publishers, manufacturing timetables, items indefinitely out-of-print, foreign imports, or music which must be handled by an exclusive distributor. Such situations are beyond our control. Please contact us immediately after placing your order if you have any special needs regarding the timing of your order.

Partial Fulfillment

The portion of the order that can be filled, will be filled. These items will be shipped and payment collected. Remaining items will be backordered and shipped separately when they become available. This option may result in higher shipping costs than originally quoted during the online order process. The customer may elect to cancel the order of remaining items at this time.

No Partial Fulfillment

Orders will be held for shipment until all items are available. Once the entire order is available all items will be shipped and payment collected per the original online order. The customer may elect to change the originally selected shipping method based on the delayed availability of the items at this time.

Special Requests

In our efforts to be "Your One Stop Flute Shop,®" we are motivated to help you find and purchase any item you may need, even if it is not ordinarily stocked or advertised by us. We do not charge extra for this service, so long as the item is published or manufactured by our regular suppliers. Depending on the requested product, items not ordinarily stocked or advertised by us may be non-returnable and payment for such items may be collected at the tim ethe order is placed. All specially requested products are considered Special Order Only (SOO).

We also are ready to assist schools, teachers and organizations by stocking quantities of required items or reserving stock as necessary. Please contact us as early as possible to enable us to obtain requested items in the required quantities. We will be glad to stock required selections for state and local contests and competitions upon request.

Special Order Only (SOO)

Due to the nature of some products which are manufacturered "on-demand" or the customization of products to meet specific customer needs, products designated as "Special Order Only (SOO)" in their description are non-returnable and payment for such products may be collected at the time the order is placed.

New Instrument Warranty

We offer a one-year manufacturer's warranty on every new instrument we sell. In addition, Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company warranties all software (pads, felts, and corks) for one year, except for damage due to misuse, abuse or malicious damage. All new instruments are carefully set up for you and have to pass our stringent internal review and inspection prior to delivery. Your instrument will play better than one that has not gone through our setup process. Our internal review and inspection is intended to catch any manufacturing problems before the instrument reaches your hands. Now that's peace of mind! Please note that both the manufacturer's warranty and that offered by the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company may be voided on instruments modified, adjusted, or repaired without documented authorization from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.

Service & Repair

When sending us an instrument for our professional service and/or repair, it is only necessary to send the instrument in its hard case and case cover (if available). Shipping charges to and from are the responsibility of the customer. Please be sure to follow shipping guidelines provided by the carrier you use. We return all instruments via UPS. More information can be found on our Flute Service and Repair page.


Please contact us prior to shipping your instrument for repairs in order for us to expedite the service and return your instrument as soon as possible. Please remember to include all contact information and your best description of the repair requested or the problem or issue you are experiencing.


Our annual instrument service (clean, oil, and adjust), which is recommended by all instrument manufacturers, takes up to one week to complete from the time we receive your instrument until it is placed in transit back to the customer. This quick turnaround is only possible when the servicing is scheduled with us in advance. Please contact us to schedule your annual servicings.

Instrument Trials

We welcome you to try one or more of our instruments for up to a 4 day trial period (not including transit/shipping time) at your location. A side-by-side comparison between instruments via a trial is our recommended approach to selecting the best instrument for you. Compare various manufacturers and/or models, try out a new instrument or just "play it" before you buy it. NOTE: All trials must be set up by contacting us by phone or e-mail. Trials cannot currently be initiated by placing items in the website shopping cart and proceeding through the website checkout process.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our location and for the care of the instruments while in his/her possession. There is no cost for the trial, but a credit card (See Payment Methods for accepted cards) is required in order to perform an authorization hold for the value of the trial. The funds will be held during the trial and released following return of the instruments in the as-shipped condition. No held funds are collected during the normal course of a trial so long as the trial items are returned on time and in the as-shipped condition. The customers card may be charged an amount, up to and including the full value of the trial, for any damage, scratching or marks found upon return of the trial items that did not exist in the as-shipped condition, or if items are not returned per the trial agreement. Customers must return-ship trial items in the same manner as the items were shipped to them.

Trial customers are responsible for contacting Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company on or before the 4th day of the trial to give their decision regarding the purchase and/or return of trial items. Failure to contact before the end of the 4th day will serve as customer approval for all items on trial to be processed as a final sale.


All sheet music is 10% off the cover price all the time (Discount is already reflected in all web prices).

Special (Promotional) Offers

From time-to-time special offers may be made to our online customers. These offers may include free products or discounts when orders meet minimum value criteria or when specific products or sets of products are purchased. Customers will be presented with offers based on the contents and value of their order when they click the "CHECKOUT" button at the bottom of the online cart web page.
Special offers may be discontinued or modified at the discretion of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company unless otherwise documented in dated print or electronic media and even then may be discontinued or modified based on product/service availability. No rainchecks or back orders will be issued for products or services associated with special offers. Shipping charges will be applied based on the contents and subtotal value of the online cart regardless of the discounted value of the cart contents as a result of a special offer. Special offers which include free or discounted shipping services cannot be honored beyond the initial shipment in the case where a customer has elected Partial Fulfillment of an order. Special offers which include free or discounted shipping services will be executed using a shipping carrier and service chosen at the sole discretion of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. Special offers which include free or discounted shipping services associated with specific products or product categories may be diluted by the presence of non-qualifying products included in the same order.

Discount (Coupon) Codes

From time-to-time Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company may issue coupon codes for use in conjunction with online orders. Coupon codes may not be sold, traded or bartered with, by any other person, entity, or organization other than the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company. Coupon codes may not be re-issued or disclosed by the initial recipient (person, entity or organization) to any other person, entity or organization without the express written consent and agreement of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, and only then, in accordance with the written terms of the agreement or consent. Coupon codes may be discontinued or modified at the discretion of the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company unless redemption and terms of a specific coupon code is determined by written agreement or contract outside of the terms and conditions captured herein. No rainchecks or back orders will be issued for products or product categories associated with coupon codes. In the event a customer attempts to redeem a coupon code associated with a specific product or category of products that cannot be fulfilled due to availability, the coupon will retain its value for use with another order within the constraints of the terms of the originally issued coupon. Only one coupon code may be redeemed per online order and each coupon must be redeemed in full, partial refunds are not possible. Coupon codes will be applied to the subtotal of the online order prior to shipping and tax calculations and may not be redeemed in excess of the order subtotal.


We are pleased to offer limited consignment services, wherein we will market and attempt to sell your used instrument or headjoint on your behalf, taking only a small commission for our efforts. All instruments and headjoints must be evaluated by our professional staff before they can be taken on consignment, so please contact us prior to sending any instrument. Instrument owners are responsible for shipping and insurance charges to and from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company related to the evaluation process. There is no cost for the evaluation. A Consignment Agreement between the instrument owner and the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company must be executed and will include a minimum acceptable value in US dollars, to be paid to the owner, should the instrument be sold. Please contact us for additional details.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover for processing of online purchases (not to exceed $10,000). For your convenience you may also assemble your order online and contact us to make payment arrangements offline after completing the checkout process. This is accomplished by selecting the "Offline Payment " payment method during the checkout process. In this case, once you submit your order, you will be contacted using the customer information provided (i.e. phone number, e-mail) in order to make payment arrangements before your order will be processed. We are very flexible in our available payment methods for offline orders and can accept personal checks, bank checks, money orders, travelers checks, and in-store pickup (shipping charges will be deducted at the time of pickup). We also offer a store credit card to qualified customers (includes an option for 90 days same-as-cash on instrument purchases over $1,000), and layaway (20% down, final payment within 1 year). So please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Clearance Products

Clearance products may be found throughout our catalog, are identified by **CLEARANCE** in the product name and/or description and are subject to change without prior notice. Clearance products will be available while supplies last and therefore will not be available for back order. Should you place an online order that includes Clearance products that are no longer available, the Clearance products will be automatically removed from your order and the remainder of your order will be processed according to our standard procedures.

E-mail Communications

The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company does not like spam and adheres to a strict Privacy Policy. That said, many of our customers and visitors enjoy receiving periodic information via e-mail regarding our store, or store sponsored events. Therefore, by providing your email address via our online store, you authorize the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company (and ONLY the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company) to send you e-mail communications. All email communications sent by the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company will include a mechanism for the recipient to request discontinuation of further communications unless specifically related to an order or direct inquiry placed by the email recipient. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions regarding this authorization or if you need to change your e-mail address on file.