Testimonials and Reviews

Lucy Snell
July 20, 2020
Just to let you know, my order arrived last night, and it is perfect. The leFreque, despite being invoiced as the $3.00 plain band, is in fact the Ultimate Band, the one I ordered. So I owe you guys $4.99. Thank you so much!

The order was left on my doorstep at 9:30 last night by the USPS, after I had turned my phone off, so I did not get notification of its delivery until this morning. A light rain overnight, and I retrieved a soggy box this morning (see photo). I feared the worst as I open the box, expecting damp and ruined music. I was so relieved to see the plastic, sealed bubble wrap mailer inside the box. I’m so happy you ship your items that way. Could you please share this email with your shipping department?

So, thank you for great service & for helping to keep the flute world sane during this crazy time. Stay safe!