Texas Flute Society


The Texas Flute Club was founded in 1974 by Dr. George Morey of Denton and Joe Tallal of Dallas in an effort to bring flutists and flute lovers of all ages in the North Texas community together.

"With the help of local music stores and the Flute Industry Council we have been able to bring nationally and internationally recognized flutists to our festival, including Bonita Boyd, Leone Buyse, Susan Milan, and William Bennett. Through the years of growth and change we’ve tried to keep the original goals of the Texas Flute Club in mind:  to provide a place for flutists of all ages and abilities to perform and learn more about their instrument, and to provide a first-class listening experience for all music lovers.  Let’s continue to uphold this tradition."

Myrna W. Brown Artist Competition

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Donna Marie Haire Competition

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