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  • Bozza, E :: Image


    Bozza, E

    Image for Solo Flute, Op. 38 by Eugene Bozza (1905-1991) is one of Bozza's most famous pieces. Technically challenging, it includes flutter tonguing, extreme range, and multi-phonics. Enjoyable and often played in contests and representations, Images for Solo Flute, Op. 38 fits advanced level players.

    Eugene Bozza won different prizes at the Conservatoire de Paris such as the First Prizes for the Violin, conducting and composition, as well as the Grand Prix de Rome. He composed several operas, chamber works and ballets among others.

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  • Chamberlain, N :: Asphyxia


    Chamberlain, N

    The word asphyxia is a medical term for a person's inability to breathe and lack of oxygen in the body. The symptoms of asphyxia can be light-headedness or dizziness. Playing the flute is an instrument that requires plenty of air supplied by the performer. Many young flutists will complain about being dizzy when first learning to play the flute, but after a few weeks the young flutist adjust to the new demands and the dizziness subsides. A veteran flutist will seldom experience dizziness. However, when relentless extended techniques are added, new athletic demands can bring the most experienced to gasp for air.

    Asphyxia was commissioned by the Oklahoma Flute Society for the final round of the 2016 Collegiate Competition on April 1, 2016 at the University of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair.

    Honorable Mention for Flute New Music Consortium's 2016 Composition Competition in the solo category.

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  • Perkinson, C-T :: Sonata a'la Baroque

    Sonata a'la Baroque

    Perkinson, C-T

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  • Telemann, GP :: Zwolf Fantasien [Twelve Fantasias]

    Zwolf Fantasien [Twelve Fantasias]

    Telemann, GP

    This Barenreiter Urtext edition of the Twelve Fantasias for traverse flute without bass proves to be a faithful reflection of the age. Delight in playing, freedom in the form, in the time and in the key structure emphasize the improvisatory character of the works. The mosaic-like gaiety of the colors, along with the rugged architecture and a tendency to clearly-defined forms illuminate the antitheses which are peculiar to his genre. With regard to melody, Baroque emotions alternate with rococo-like delicacy.

    The Fantasias for flute without bass address themselves less to the virtuoso than to the student and amateur flutist, who will find everything they wishe in these pieces. Although Telemann himself may have lost track of his works, the many flutists who have perfected their technique and musical interpretation with the help of these lovely Fantasias will never forget them.

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The Texas Flute Club was founded in 1974 by Dr. George Morey of Denton and Joe Tallal of Dallas in an effort to bring flutists and flute lovers of all ages in the North Texas community together.

"With the help of local music stores and the Flute Industry Council we have been able to bring nationally and internationally recognized flutists to our festival, including Bonita Boyd, Leone Buyse, Susan Milan, and William Bennett. Through the years of growth and change we’ve tried to keep the original goals of the Texas Flute Club in mind:  to provide a place for flutists of all ages and abilities to perform and learn more about their instrument, and to provide a first-class listening experience for all music lovers.  Let’s continue to uphold this tradition."

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