Wooden Flutes

  • Di Zhao Flute: DZW Grenadilla Wood
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    Di Zhao Flute: DZW Grenadilla Wood

    All Di Zhao's instruments are made with careful attention to precision in their factory in Tianjin, China. The workers are superbly trained directly by Mr. Zhao himself. The flutes are padded with Pissoni pads, and pads are partially shimmed like the finest professional flutes. All instruments are made to achieve smooth key action, fast response and excellent resonance. Di Zhao personally tests and adjusts each flute before making it available to the consumer. Hand -cut headjoints make the sound quality full and easy to play. All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.

    The newly redesigned Di Zhao DZW Grenadilla wood flute features a Grenadilla wood headjoint and body with silver-plated, pinned mechanism. The DZW Grenadilla wood flute features an off-set G with open holes and French pointed arms. Options include a split-E mechanism and either a B foot with Gizmo or a C foot.

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  • Powell - Grenadilla Wood Handmade Custom Flute (New)

    Each Powell flute has a unique character, yet all bear a family resemblance. Powell instruments are made with care to exacting tolerances and, ultimately, a Powell flute or piccolo is crafted to a musical performance standard. From the first flute made in 1906 by Verne Q. Powell to today's Powell flute, the humanity of each artisan at Powell is reflected in the character of the instrument. The feel of a key or the aesthetic of a pointed arm are the subtle and telltale signs of the individuality of the flutemaker.

    The perfect marriage of old world tradition and new world design, the Powell Wooden Flute has the ability to transport your sound to a completely different spectrum of color.

    Enjoy this instrument’s warm sound and unique response with a Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold pinless mechanism. This instrument features the Modern Powell Scale and a metal headjoint tenon. Metal headjoints and wooden headjoints can be interchanged on this or any other of Powell's instruments.

    Grenadilla is a member of the rosewood family (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) and has been used for instrument making for centuries. Also known as African Blackwood, Grenadilla is a tremendously strong wood, making it very durable and less susceptible to cracks. Powell ages Grenadilla stock between 5-7 years before turning it into a flute body or headjoint. Like a fine wine or champagne, the aging process gives Powell Grenadilla instruments a fuller body with more levels of sophistication to experience. These instruments have an organic sound which continues to unfold as the instrument is played over time.

    Headjoint Cut Styles


    Powell’s newest headjoint style, the Lumina, has a clean and energetic sound that moves quickly throughout the range with little effort. The Lumina is described as being ‘supple, yet responsive’. This is a headjoint with style and panache.


    The Philharmonic headjoint is readily identified by its broader embouchure plate, which makes it the most resistant of the styles offered by Powell. Articulation is crisp and clean, and this style is capable of broad dynamic and timbral ranges. A player can create a rich tone with extraordinary carrying power and focus.


    The Soloist headjoint is the newest addition to the headjoint styles offered by Powell. This new style was developed in collaboration with renowned flutist, Ransom Wilson. The Soloist headjoint features strength and flexibility. It offers a strong sound which allows the player to fill a hall, as well as complete command for performing the quietest of passages. The embouchure plate, which is similar to the Boston style, provides the player with quick, responsive articulation while a new style of undercutting gives the headjoint its strong, full color.


    The name "Venti" encapsulates the concept of a headjoint that allows air to pass freely through the instrument and beyond, giving the performer variations of flexibility, dynamics, power and sound. Powell has worked with international flautist, Paul Edmund-Davies to develop this latest headjoint style. Mr. Edmund-Davies became interested in the development of this style due to the prospect of playing on a headjoint that mirrored his experiences of singing in a cathedral choir. Paul's concept of a natural approach to the instrument incorporates an open and unrestricted style, with reference in particular to a more resonant and free 3rd octave. The result is a headjoint that allows for depth of sound through all three octaves, even pitch and dynamic range, as well as a sound that is powerful without being wild or breaking up.

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  • Sankyo Flute - Grenadilla Wood

    Sankyo proudly presents the finest products of the flutemaker's art. Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and eveness of technique, each instrument is made from carefully selected materials and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Sankyo has pursued the perfect scale by building a precise mechanism through meticulous craftsmen. Custom headjoints are available to meet the demands of flutists everywhere.

    Sankyo's 10 year aged Grenadilla and Cocus wood flutes are created with the careful application of time and energy resulting in a sound which can be said to be the original sound of the flute. Available in three different headjoint cuts: Traditional, Modern or Lip Plate, to allow for discovering the perfect fit.

    The Sankyo Grenadilla wood flute has following standard features:

    • handmade construction
    • Grenadilla wood headjoint and body
    • Sterling silver mechanism, tenons and receivers
    • open hole
    • French-pointed arms
    • B foot with gizmo
    • off-set G
    • choice of headjoint style
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  • Trevor James Grenadilla Flute
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    Trevor James Grenadilla Flute

    For over 30 years, Trevor James has been designing and producing quality flutes for student and intermediate level players, providing long-lasting flutes with well balanced, stable mechanisms, and exceptional attention to detail.

    The new Trevor James Grenadilla wood flute is designed for the professional player in need of a wooden flute at an affordable price. With a headjoint, body, and footjoint made of Grenadilla wood and a silver-plated mechanism, this flute is beautifully styled with appreciation to wooden flute makers.

    This flute comes standard with a Grenadilla wood headjoint, body, and B footjoint, as well as half offset G and a split E mechanism with pointed arms and open holes.

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